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  1. darwin


    Happy National Bacon Day!
  2. darwin

    Shameless Plug Department

    The rules of this section of the forum state that we can talk about books. So let's talk about a book, mine. The book is in PDF form and is free to anyone therefore the mods should not object on commercial grounds. My blog post is...
  3. darwin

    Rare Sighting

    Very rare. Just saw a guy using a Kirsten pipe in a 1947 Ronald Reagan flick titled Stallion Road. Never seen a Kirsten in a film before.
  4. darwin


    Ran across a wonderful bit of text from the Rudyard Kipling book The Tragedy of the Korosko, published in 1898, about a group of tourists in Egypt captured by marauding Dervish tribesmen. Toward the end the typical British retired colonel was graced with some tobacco after the group's rescue...
  5. darwin

    New Kirstens

    P&C just put up a batch of new Kirstens. Couldn't resist grabbing one.
  6. darwin

    Castello 55

    Just snagged this Castello Collection 55 from Mike at Briar Blues. It looks like a peach.
  7. darwin

    Brown Twist Sliced

    There have been plenty of reviews and opinion of H&G ropes here but not many regarding the sliced versions. On a whim I ordered a couple of ounces of H&G Sliced Brown twist to see how much, if any, different it is compared to the rope form. Frequently a RR form of a flake will display the same...
  8. darwin

    Tin Humidor

    I have read a great deal in discussions herein about how to keep one's open tins from drying out. I've also of course have read a lot of recommendations on how to handle the problem but I can't recall anyone talking about what I've come up with although many probably have. I bought a couple of...
  9. darwin

    Stokkebye 701 Straight Virginia

    This a beautiful smoke. Crisp, clean, and flavorful to the bottom. At times during the bowl the smoke turns cool and sweet. Only had three bowls but I've enjoyed every one. The only fly in the ointment is that although it's a ribbon cut and seemingly dry in the baggie it has been a real bear...
  10. darwin

    H&H Pipes

    Been perusing the new H&H pipe line over at P&C. If you got the desire for a big chunk 'o briar then this line is right up your alley. These are big pipes, all well over 6 inches long, including the bent rhodesian which is quite unusual in this shape and its bowl is two inches wide. Now that...
  11. darwin

    Won A Dunny

    Won a Dunhill on the fleabay for a relatively non painful amount. Description is "Dunhill Bruyere ODA 853 F/T". Exterior cosmetics look very good but who knows about the innards.
  12. darwin

    Morgan Blackjack

    This just dropped in the mail. It's one of Chris Morgan's new-ish line of budget pipes he has labeled Blackjack. This'un is a matte finished bent 'dog with what appears to be decent mechanics, commendably light weight, and a very nice sleek feel in the hand. Haven't smoked it yet due to being...
  13. darwin


    This is not new but I decided to post it anyway because it is such a hoot. When you get it don't give it away.
  14. darwin

    A Good Turn Downunder

    Custom Falcon bowl on its way from Mr. Dave in Brisbane.
  15. darwin

    Weber Shellbrooke

    Got this off the 'Bay a couple weeks ago and it's a bit of an odd one. It's a Weber Shellbrooke squat bent bulldog that looks rather like a small German shag pipe but it's anything but dainty. It's beefy in the hand and stretches to near seven inches with a stout but quite graceful stem which...
  16. darwin

    Click & Clack

    Just saw that Tom Magliozzi passed away at age 77 due to complications from Alzheimers. Didn't realize he was that far along in years but I also didn't remember that Car Talk had first been aired in 1977. A 35 year run for a radio show is a heck of an achievement.
  17. darwin

    Row Of Firsts

    First smoke on a new pipe, first experience with a Peterson system pipe (317), first experience with a P-lip stem, first smoke of an H&G shag (Kendal 7). Awful lot to go wrong with that many firsts but amazingly nothing did. The Peterson 317 is a cute little dickens and holds just enough shag...
  18. darwin

    Ronson Pipes?

    Anyone have a Ronson single tube pipe they'd like to unload? A friend had his near mint version stolen from his back porch and choices on the 'bay are very thin.
  19. darwin

    Mylar Storage Bags

    I've been experimenting for a while now with using heavy duty Mylar bags for the storage of bulk blends. The ones I'm using are 5 mil. metalized ziplock bags and from what I can tell the vapor transport through the material is as close to zero as as makes no difference. I use an impulse sealer...
  20. darwin

    October Oddball

    I seem to be in something of a novelty phase PAD-wise. I acquired the subject illustrated below which is a Ropp bent billiard that is constructed of thin laminations of contrasting woods and appears to have a briar bowl insert. Anyone have any idea what Ropp calls this line?