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    Eureka, Montana.

    Bring your own. There's a small shop in Kalispell, but it's mostly cig stuff. They have a small selection of bulk, but unless you want 1Q or other super generic stuff you won't be impressed. That Tobacco River Ranch is probably exactly what the name says...a ranch on the Tobacco River. The...
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    Any other highly moderate pipe smokers out there?

    Once a week...typically Sunday afternoon or evening, and sometimes I even miss that. On the rare occasion I'll pull a Wednesday as well, but mostly when I get a new tobacco. Nothing wrong with moderation...
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    Free Pipe Project

    Got my box...thanks Shaintiques! I had to leave for a business trip right away, so I'll have some pics up this weekend. What an awesome program. Thanks for doing it! --Skagit 8)
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    I Received Bad News Today

    Bummer Phil. Do what you need to do. If nicotine is the problem, would any of the "herbal smoking blends" be an alternative? I got one off of "Old Time Cowboy Blend" with mullien, coltsfoot, lavender, etc. It was the 2nd thing I ever smoked in my pipe. I barely knew which end of...
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    The Frank Method: A Novice's Perspective

    Another big +1 for Frank Method. I just tried it for the first time today and it was awesome. Way less relights and nice and cool. --Skagit 8)
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    What tobaccos did the great men smoke?

    Awesome! So much interesting information. I love the receipt signed by JRRT. --Skagit 8)
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    What tobaccos did the great men smoke?

    Tolkien...Einstein...Davis...Twain. What kind of tobacco do you think (or know) they smoked? --Skagit 8)
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    My pipe has gurgle!

    :clap: Torque FTW. First time I've heard someone describe the effects of laminar flow and fluid dynamics when talking about pipes. -- Skagit 8)
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    This Could be Troublesome.

    I'm so sad that the state of New York was "deprived of millions of dollars in tax revenue". :roll:
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    When Smoking Your Pipe Is The ONLY Thing You Do

    I smoke for the relaxation, so I force myself not to do anything else that would really distract me. I'll read or chat with someone, or take a walk, but never anything that really diverts my attention. Relaxation and meditation is the sole purpose of the pipe for me, and I hate to fritter it...
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    Recommended author whilst smoking - O. Henry

    I rather enjoy sitting on the front porch and reading while I smoke, and I thought I would pass on an author recommendation in case someone else is looking for something to read. O. Henry writes almost exclusively in the short story format. His stories are light, witty, and very entertaining...
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    To Mirissa

    Many condolences, it's always so hard to lose a dog. I've got a lab that's getting up there in years...I've been thinking about it lately and I'm already dreading the day he goes.
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    How often is "occasional"?

    To the OP- I'm with you...I'm new and treading lightly into this. I've got serious addiction and cancer in my family history. As such, I've been smoking once or twice a week for about 6 weeks and enjoying it as a relaxation ritual. Sunday afternoon on the porch reading a book (currently Two...
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    Current Seattle puffing places

    Huh...I'm going to be in Seattle in April and was hoping to enjoy a pipe down by the waterfront by Pike Street Market...may be a no-go eh?
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    Smoker's Palate

    Good topic Stan. I'm with this point I'm happy to make smoke and look at the stars on the porch.
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    Sound Off, Lurkers!

    {/lurk} :puffy: {lurk}
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    I don't inhale but have chest congestion?

    Well, you see's like this... :wink: I guess I'd call it more of an irritation or tightness, or just an awareness of my chest that I'm not accustomed to. No cough or...ahem..."wetness". I can run a mile or two and it doesn't seem to slow me down. Maybe I'll just walk around with a...
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    I don't inhale but have chest congestion?

    Thanks guys. I'm smoking outside, but I think there's a good likelihood that I'm taking some in through the nose as I try and figure out the whole breathing/mouth isolation thing. Phred...interesting point. If it continues I'll pay a visit to the MD. Cosmic...not quite sure I follow the...
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    I don't inhale but have chest congestion?

    Hey guys- So I'm still really new to this, and I tell myself I don't inhale, but my chest is kinda telling me otherwise. Am I doing something wrong or do you typically have chest congestion after you smoke? All of you who responded to my other thread from a few days ago in the beginner...
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    New guy...hi there!

    Thanks everyone. Good to be aboard. I love the pragmatic attitudes and depth of knowledge here. Nate, I've got a quote on my wall that says "Better to live well than long", so I'm with you on that. To clarify a point, I'm not trying to avoid death...I'm trying to avoid death by cancer. My...