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  1. dragonslayer

    Sons of Anarchy!

    The planned seventh and final season on Sons of Anarchy starts tonight (Tuesday). Kurt Sutter is one of the best action TV writers period. From The Shield he was given free rein for his own show. He created, writes, directs and even has a part in SOA. For those who didn't know he played Otto...
  2. dragonslayer

    Back After a Short Summer

    Well I'm back after a "self-imposed" limiting of time at the keyboard. I took what little summer we had here in Pittsburgh only checking Email and spending my time in the sun. Now it's time to close the pool and back to the man cave and computers. Having spent most of my days since the 80's on...
  3. dragonslayer

    Twenty Stabbings at High School

    I know most of you already know all about this tragic event. I'm only posting this because it's the school district next to mine, in fact about 15 miles away from my house. This school district is the super money school. Doctors, lawyers, bankers etc... Just as an example they scout and move...
  4. dragonslayer

    Metal Brothers "This is Your Life"

    This is Your Life has been released, for me it's bitter sweet. All of the proceeds go to the Stand up and Shout cancer fund which has already raised over $800,000. There's also a shirt available for the CD. They also have made the entire CD available to hear. So many of you metal heads can hear...
  5. dragonslayer

    What a Friday

    Well it started on Wednesday with my two day cleanse for my Friday Colonoscopy. Guys after 50 get scoped every few years! This up coming Friday my birthday gift is an upper GI. :crazy: Back to Friday. I woke up, had a bowl of BBF deciding to occupy the hunger pains from starvation by shifting...
  6. dragonslayer

    Goodie Bags at P&C Gone

    Oh well, didn't get the Email until after 9:00 this morning, and just opened it. Was changing my cart and they're sold out. So going to pass. The $75 deal isn't worth the pipe selection for me. The tins are nothing I'd order and can get a nicer pipe for $50 on Ebay. The goodie bag was the prize...
  7. dragonslayer

    No Goodie Bag From P&C This Year?

    Did I miss an Email? I was waiting to see what Russ had cooked up for us this year. Maybe the CI merge put an end to it, but we should have at least seen some recognition of the day. Good to see SP jumping in. Was going to break the TAD hiatus for a goodie bag, though the 10% has me thinking...
  8. dragonslayer

    Esports - Long Post and You May Have No Interest.

    I wanted to post this a while back and it’s a long thread that most of you will have no interest in, but it’s the future and I smoke bowls reviewing games ;) Plus it’s something I spend a lot of time helping my son. I hope all the links work. I watched about 10 minutes of the Olympics and found...
  9. dragonslayer

    1000 Posts

    Well, over a year and 1000 posts… Have found some awesome people over the year+ who not only enjoy one of my passions, but also love to share and help everyone down a lifelong path. The topics are all over the place, our own little club to have a bowl and talk about anything. Many of us are...
  10. dragonslayer

    The Small Shop Nears Completion

    I cut off 25% of my man cave to put in a woodshop. The computer that's dominated my life since the early 90's, both professionally and recreationally had to stop. It's been six months splitting the heavy cellaring and building the shop has been a struggle. Now that the year's mad cellaring is...
  11. dragonslayer

    Four New Rad's at SP

    Four new Rad's at SP and tears on this one. With the price it's probably already gone. Six months from now I could pull the trigger. I've got to stick to my plans and the PAD will pass. Oh well, I'm sure a sweet one...
  12. dragonslayer

    December Major TAD a Harris/Peck Experience

    My December TAD has all arrived and it’s almost a Harris/Peck experience. I jar many things and can see why they mostly buy tins. Every Christmas I receive gifts from my children that’s really nothing I need. This year the better plan was printing out the shopping cart for 4Noggins and giving it...
  13. dragonslayer

    Free Shipping Day 12/18

    Here is a link that's good for today 12/18/13. This is a huge list, not tobacco related but a TON of retailers. Craig
  14. dragonslayer

    P&C Escudo Buy 3 Get One Free

    P&C is running a buy three get one free on Escudo. That's $7.28 a tin. Just an FYI. Craig
  15. dragonslayer

    Winner In The Stupid and Embarrassing Category is...

    USA! USA! USA! Can we be more proud! *facepalm*
  16. dragonslayer

    Why Classic Heavy Metal Can Never Die.

    Another of the million reasons why "Heavy metal will never die." Motion Devise a family band from Toronto with an incredible 11 year old lead singer Sara. Not only do they have their own music but great covers from Dio, Sabbath, Ozzy, Floyd, Cooper, Zep, RUSH, Joplin and many more. They're...
  17. dragonslayer

    Black Irish X Unsliced

    Black Irish X Unsliced is the first rope I’ve smoked. The fact that it’s a rope is really cosmetic and gimmicky, but when you get down to slicing the coins and a slight rub you have a pile of tobacco. Dark oily leaves with a strong peat smell to it, into a cob for sure. This smoke was going to...
  18. dragonslayer

    The AK's Are In! Viva the Revolution!

    I guess the 300 pounds of H&H Anniversary Kake has come in. Some major jarring in many people's future ;) Craig
  19. dragonslayer

    Brian Levine's Birthday

    For those who listen every Thursday to our great radio show. Today is Brian Levine's birthday! Not sure if he'll chime in on how old he is (I'll bug him on FB) but I thought you guys should know. Happy Birthday Brian, keep it rockin! Craig
  20. dragonslayer

    $1.50 a Stem and a Bowl Too Really, this post writes itself. No reason to hear about ghosting a nice pipe now. Craig