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    Roadside Palaver

    Any chance I can send you a pipe to give the fella?
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    Pfeifenstudio Frank

    Darn you:) That has been my haven for a while now. It's where I got my Jess pipe as well as where I h e been looking for my S bang at.
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    Second Try

    Ummmm Creative, but not something I would think about buying.
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    What Do You Think?

    I think... .... .........
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    Fritz Becker

    Beautiful pipe. I've never owned a Becker, father or son. But I h e only heard great things about them. Great pipe.
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    You Dropped Your Pipe Where?!?! Tell Me Your Horror Story

    Lol. I have never dropped a pipe, knock on briar. However, when I had received my first Larry Roush pipe, I had it on my counter in the bag, unsmoked. My wife grabbed something and it knocked my pipe into the floor. The only time I have ever yelled at her, and not on purpose, just out of...
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    An Old Favorite

    Yep. Orlik golden slices. As an everyday blend.
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    What Do You Think? Will This Last Long?

    I would have bought that. Plain and simple. In fact, if someone here bought it, I'll pay them 20% more than the price they paid ;)
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    The Dunhill Store

    I don't think you can get the handlblended tins at the dunhill store anymore. Someone correct me if I'm wrong?
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    The Taste of New Pipes

    I love the first bowls in a pipe. Larry Roushs pipes smoke the best, IMO, right from the start. The only pipe I didn't like was an Eltang Tubos. It had a coating in it, and after 20 bowls or so, dreaded mind you, I sold it.
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    Empty Tins...

    I've got a tin I keep in my truck, with a cork knocker on it so I can empty ash while driving. When it's full, I simply empty it out and avoid having it stay in my vehicle.
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    What About Semois?

    Sorry Germains. It has Semois in it.
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    What About Semois?

    I have 30yrs worth of brown flake, which has semois. It is fantastic, but good luck finding some. I stocked up in 2009. If you can find it, get it. One of the best smokes around
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    Orlik Golden Sliced

    OGS is a staple for me. I order the tins by the ten count. I can get 10 50g tins for about $60 give or take with shipping. I love te stuff and absolutely believe it will be fantastic in 20 years.
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    My Pipe Smokes Very Wet

    Is te smoke good? If so, why worry? I sometimes have exactly what you are talking about in the bottom of my pipes. I can assure you it's not my pipe. I simply run a cleaner through my pipe when I'm done, wipe it out with a towel, and I blow through the pipe I get any ash or bits left, out I...
  16. C

    Best Tobacco to Break in a New Pipe?

    I always break in a pipe with a Virginia. Either FVF or OGS. I never understood why people say burley, I've never had a pipe build a solid cake with burley, Virginia's on the other hand work super for me.
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    From the Boswell's Website - Buckle-Up, It's About to Get Bumpy

    No one said it was a state thing. It is simply the certain Credit Card processor they use. Sounds like they need to change the company. This has happened a few times to different vendors.
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    From the Boswell's Website - Buckle-Up, It's About to Get Bumpy

    Mike at Mars Cigars had this same issue. Maybe someone should ask him abou how he resolved it?
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    I Wanted to Place an Order

    I placed an order, small order a couple weeks ago. It was for some old Ironsides. Two tins of it was all. Due to the unavailability to get Dans OI, I called the next day and spoke to a gentleman to confirm my rider was good and BOTH tins would be shipped. He said yes, it should go out by...
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    Love That sandblast

    I only have blasted and rusticated pipes. I don't care for smooths, not to say they aren't great because they are, but for me it's all about the texture and feel of a pipe.