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  1. sholto

    Coniston Cut Plug in the US vs UK

    When I was in Kendal last August I picked up an "outer" (5) of CCP tins. It's strong with a dominant Lakeland essence and I'm enjoying it very much. I'm getting through the tins and thinking about replacements but obviously a trip back home is out of the question for now. I've seen bagged CCP...
  2. sholto

    John Cotton's Smyrna - Gone!?

    Saw this on P&C web site: "Please note: Due to FDA regulations, this blend is no longer being produced. We recommend Hearth & Home Marquee Magnum Opus as a replacement." That was a very tasty blend I'm going to miss ☹️
  3. sholto

    RIP Tim Brooke Taylor

    Not much more I can add. Big part of my childhood 😥
  4. sholto

    Interesting Data from CDC Regarding Smoking and COVID-19

    Saw a tweet today from @FarsalinosK (apparently a cardiologist from his profile): Report of COVID-19 cases in USA. 7074 patients with completed information. Only 96 (1.3%) were current smokers, and only 165 (2.3%) were former smokers. Current and former smoking prevalence in the US is 13.8% and...
  5. sholto

    What Will You Smoke on Christmas Day?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title - Bob I have the following in mind: G&H Rum Flake in the morning, John Cotton's Smyrna after dinner, and Sillem's Musketeer in the evening with a dram (or two) of the good stuff. Regards to all my pipe smoking brothers & sisters this season!
  6. sholto

    Yikes! St James

    I hope not but that looks like 18 to 20 inches.
  7. sholto

    South Lakes/Kendal?

    Wondering if anyone on here lives in Kendal or the Lakes? I'm visiting from Idaho in September and looking for first hand experience of tabacconists in the area. I seem to vaguely remember one on Stricklandgate but that was 20 years or more ago when I lived there.
  8. sholto

    Rattray's Black Mallory question

    I have unopened tins of BM with different tin art and was wondering if anyone knew when the change occurred? Which tin (left or right) is the older of the two?
  9. sholto

    Mcconnell availability?

    I really enjoy Mcconnell's Scottish Blend but I'm finding it's difficult to find online sellers with any stock. The few I do find have very limited quantities and have been buying it piecemeal like this for a while. Does anyone have any information on the future of this fine blend?
  10. sholto

    Room for One More?

    Hello to all! Ex-lurker and figured it was time to say hi. Transplanted Brit living in Coeur d'Alene ID. Came here in 2002. Been on/off pipe smoker circa 1997. More off than on until 6 months ago when I gave up cigs and took the hobby seriously. Blessed with a wonderful local B&M and cigar...