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  1. bluesmoke

    Life After McClelland

    It's been a couple of years since McClelland shut down, and I just finished the last of my 40th anniversary. I have a tin of #24 left, but that's it. Has anybody found an alternative that's even close? Anyone have some you're willing to sell? Somebody help!
  2. bluesmoke

    Good Tobacco Shop in Wichita?

    I'm visiting family in Wichita later this week. Can anyone recommend a tobacco shop with a good selection of tobacco?
  3. bluesmoke

    Tobacco from a Long-Opened Tin

    I bought some Jackknife Plug 3+ years ago. I tried one bowl and then lost the tin in the bottom of a file cabinet draw. I just found it recently and wonder if it's still smokeable. Anybody tried smoking some old tobacco from a tin that's been open that long? What can I expect? (I found some...
  4. bluesmoke

    Smoking in Washington, DC

    I'm in DC for a couple of days, up here from Florida. Not sure what the smoking laws are up here--where's a good tobacco shop or any other good place where smoking a pipe is permitted? I'm staying up Connecticut Ave near the zoo, but I know my way around DC pretty well. Jeff
  5. bluesmoke

    Pipe Smoking in St. Petersburg

    My wife is attending a conference in May, and since the room is paid for, I'm coming along to see St. Petersburg, the beach (staying at the Trade Winds), and smoke a pipe all day while she's in her sessions. Can you recommend a good tobacco shop or smoking spot in St. Pete, and does anyone want...
  6. bluesmoke

    Dunhill DNR vs Dunhill Flake

    I've smoked lots of Dunhill DNR but never any Dunhill Flake. What differences do you find between the two?
  7. bluesmoke

    Pipe Smoking and Health

    Recently I read Michael Lankton's article "An Epidemic of Huge Pipes and Bad Technique" ( He suggests that "Pipe smoking should be meditative. It is a sensory experience, and good tobacco should be enjoyed...
  8. bluesmoke

    Walter Cronkite On His Indulgences

    Walter Cronkite's a long-time hero of mine. Here's an interesting interview where he mentions his favorite indulgences. And some other well-known pipe smokers...
  9. bluesmoke

    Comoy Bent Bulldog

    I'm trying my first photo post--a new, to me, Comoy Christmas 1983.
  10. bluesmoke

    Straights vs. Bents--To Gurgle or Not To Gurgle

    About half of my pipes are straight billiards, and the other half are bents of differing shapes. I can smoke any of my straight-stemmed pipes clenched, all day long, and never get any moisture that gurgles. I can even run a pipe cleaner through it anyway, and still pull it out nearly dry...
  11. bluesmoke

    Pipe Smoking in The Big Easy, or In Search of Three Virgins and a Frenchman

    I just got back from a couple of days in New Orleans, exploring the French Quarter for the first time. Arrived on Saturday, which seemed to be the day they were observing Halloween, based on the costumes and parades and wild partying in the streets--or is that the way people behave in New...
  12. bluesmoke

    Pipe Smoking in New Orleans

    I'm going to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Wife is at a conference, and I'm free during the day to roam the streets. Any good tobacco shops around the quarter, Bourbon Street? Do they allow pipe smoking in public, in bars, around there? Gotta make my plans.
  13. bluesmoke

    Dunhill EMP Experience

    I tried some EMP for the first time, after really enjoying some Nightcap for the last few days. Anyway, I liked the EMP so much I smoked three bowls in a row (Hello, Nicholas!). I notice that it's Virginia, Oriental, and Latakia. Are there other blends of these three on the same level as EMP...
  14. bluesmoke

    Best Brown Flake or JackKinfe Plug?

    Just got two tins in the mail, Best Brown Flake and JackKnife Plug. Both are new for me; I've never smoked either. I hate making decision--which should I try first?
  15. bluesmoke

    Best B&Ms in Nashville?

    I'm going to Nashville this weekend. What good B&Ms can I find there for good pipe and tobacco selections?
  16. bluesmoke

    Discovered an Old Forgotten Stash of Blackpoint

    Digging around in my closet yesterday, I found a mason jar that I remembered putting away in there about four years ago. No label--stupid mistake, but I'm pretty sure it's GLP Blackpoint from former smoking days. Loaded up a pipe, and man, was it good! Getting near the end of the bowl it...
  17. bluesmoke

    Just Got My First Peterson

    I received my first Peterson pipe yesterday, a Rossaire classic B10--beautiful pipe, and the first two bowls were pleasant with some good GLPease Union Square. But when I tried to put a pipe cleaner through it, it wouldn't go all the way through. When it cooled and I removed the stem, I could...