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    Best Flakes

    F&T Cut Virginia Plug is amazing stuff!
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    For All Dunhill Pipe Owners And Smokers

    I didn't mean to imply this was an absolute truth, only that so long as the story matters, Dunhill pipe prices will remain high and they will be valued, not a justification only an explanation
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    For All Dunhill Pipe Owners And Smokers

    A work of Van Gogh could be EASILY replicated by a computer. I'm not saying Dunhill is Van Gogh, only that the story behind the maker carries weight.
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    For All Dunhill Pipe Owners And Smokers

    I've been sharing this article with which I completely agree. DUNHILL: THEN VS NOW
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    Giant Dunhill

    Ah, a serious collector. I didn't know. I'm more of a sanguine collector, but have nothing but the greatest respect for the serious ones. :D
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    Best Flakes

    I second the Reiner long Flake! It's a brilliant tobacco!
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    Dunhill Quality

    Another article on Dunhills, modern vs vintage argument that I find interesting and very much agree with. HERE
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    Dunhill Substitutes

    I seem to smoke the Dunhill blends that you do not. I'm a consumer of Dunhill Flake, dark Flake, DNR, and Royal Yacht. I don't intend on "replacing" them, but simply allowing their memory to fade. RIP Dunhill tobacco. R.I.P. :?
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    Giant Dunhill

    Thanks Brad!! Dave, I seem to be attracted to these giants as well, although this is the first I've ever encountered. How many do you have?! I'd LOVE to see a photo of others! A Magnum must be insane!
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    Any Pipe Brands You Avoid, and Why?

    Read this article.... Modern Dunhill
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    Any Pipe Brands You Avoid, and Why?

    A always avoid pipes that I can't afford.
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    Giant Dunhill

    Not to be disrespectful, but how is that not disrespect?
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    Giant Dunhill

    The nomenclature does little to help my case. It says XXL03. Obviously I did expect a larger pipe, but this thing is crazy big. I have a weakness for Amber Root pipes, especially with nice grain. Had I seen this in person I would've loved it, but not bought it. I feel ridiculous with this thing...
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    Giant Dunhill

    Recently, I learned of the importance of scale in making purchases on eBay. I kinda accidentally bought a comically large pipe. Even when dimensions are given, I have a very difficult time getting an accurate mental image of the object in question. I need more visual input. If you were to say to...
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    Batman: Commissioner Gordon a Pipe Smoker Again

    Nolan's Dark Knight is the greatest movie trilogy of all time and Dark Knight is the best movie. They are as close to cinematic perfection as I've ever seen. I'm quite curious to see how it stands up against time. I feel the need to utilize the obvious and obligatory "IMO", but don't know why.
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    New Member Introduction - 2017

    Good morning. Until very recently, I smoked only English, Virginia flakes, Va/pers, and the occasional lat heavy Balkan when the mood strikes. I began with aromatics, but found them to be one dimensional and uninteresting, a snob like pride was taken at moving on from aros... except that I just...
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    Pictures of Pipe Tobacco

    I've developed a great affection for an aro? I NEVER would've believed this was possible, but I simply adore this Rattray's Exotic Orange. I could spend hours with face buried in this tobacco.
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    [AhmadOthman] Dunhill Dark Flake Re-release Review

    I am a lover of Dunhill flakes. It's what I consider to be dependable. I always know what to expect. After smoking Dunhill Flake for years, I knew what Dark Flake would taste like before I tried it and my expectations were spot on. I am now and shall remain forever in denial of the great Dunhill...
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    Three Oranges

    New guy here, but had to comment. I love the Rattray's Exotic Orange. As a general rule, I'm not much of a fan of aros. I find them one dimensional and uninteresting, but the REO is a fascinating smoke. I thoroughly enjoy this stuff.