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  1. npod

    Joy Of Knowing The Prior Owner Of Your Estate Pipe

    A little random post. I recently acquired an estate pipe that belonged to Ray Lamontagne. Although I was superficially aware of his music, I had not downloaded any of his work until I found out that he was the previous owner of my the estate pipe. Since then I have become a big fan. Also, I...
  2. npod

    100 Years Of The Prince Pipe

    100 Years Of The Prince Pipe Shape, 1919-2019. Dunhill Patent Prince (Year 1919) In Red Sandblast With Silver Military Mount. Chris Asteriou Prince (Year 2019) In Dark Sandblast With Silver Military Mount.
  3. npod

    Vietnam Era Pipe (Help Identify)

    This weekend I was spending time with my dad. We were looking through his photo album from Vietnam, 1968-1969. I about fell on the floor when I saw a picture of him with a pipe in his mouth. He had totally forgotten that he smoked a pipe while at base camp that year. Even though he knows I am a...
  4. npod

    Mylar And The Cellar

    I spent the morning finishing up a few tobacco projects. Mainly putting away blends that were not sealed in tins. I also got around to sealing the PH Curly Blocks in Mylar bags. Since the new site makes posting pictures soooooooo easy, I thought it would helpful to show the process. I know that...
  5. npod

    Got Married

    The wedding was perfect! Just the two of us. My bride presented me with a wonderful gift. A wedding pipe 💨💨💨🙏. A Tom Eltang St. Valentine Heart Pipe (Snail Grade). Happy Smokes to everyone and cheers to the new site. It was SO EASY to upload pictures. FANTASTIC.
  6. npod

    Another Italian Pipe Shipment Hit With Customs and Duties Charges.

    Damn. :evil: I just received a shipment of pipes from I got hit with $225 in customs and duties charges. My previous two shipments from Luca we’re free and clear and I paid only the sales price. As many of you know, I’ve been bitching about this issue recently. I thought...
  7. npod

    The NPod Castello Opera 44 Collection

    It’s been a long and winding road. The Castello Opera 44 collection is finally complete. But NEVER finished! Still some rare pipes to chase. The collection finally meets standards to present at shows. ———————————————- Sea Rock - standard Sea Rock - diamond Sea Rock - Red Sea Rock -...
  8. npod

    Pipe Cleaning Organizers (Example Gun Ammo Tote)

    G.P.S. Range Tote Bag - I Use Them For Organizing my Pipe Cleaning And Gun Cleaning Supplies. Best system I’ve found yet. What do you use? And yes we all know a shoe box or ziploc work also. I like these Totes because I can stuff a full pack of pipe cleaners in each side pocket for easy access...
  9. npod

    PSA - Sometimes Your Favorite Blend Stops Being Your Favorite

    Many of you know that Savinelli Doblone d'Oro was my favorite blend for a long time. I wrote about it many times here. The desert island smoke. The one! The match for old 3 Nuns. The perfect VaPer. And on and on and on ... A few months ago I discussed how the blend changed for me. It started to...
  10. npod

    Parfait - Hit Me

    I got a new stack chimney at the Chicago show. My intention is to try doing the tobacco parfait thing with this tall dude. Let’s here some tried and true parfait recipes from those who do this regularly.
  11. npod

    Meerschaum Gurus - Help A Guy Out

    I need help with this Meerschaum pipe. It is a vintage CAO Meerschaum by Ismet Bekler. I purchased it unsmoked and in pristine condition about 4 years ago. It was smoked regularly for a while, but it's been a drawer for over 2 years because I don't smoke Meerschaum often, eventually I kind of...
  12. npod

    Strangest Junk Email [EVER]!

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe that my phone is listening to what I say for marketing purposes. And we all know that IG and Facebook keep tabs on our browsing history. But, THIS! Now this one is just flat out wacky. I got this junk email today from a site called Overclockers...
  13. npod

    New Dunhill "Inspired"

    Checkout the fabulous new Dunhill line of clothing! According to the Dunhill site: Lightweight jackets, casualwear and leather accessories. A new collection inspired by the precious stones and minerals of archive dunhill lighters. :crazy: "Archive Dunhill Lighers". LMAO. Clothing inspired by...
  14. npod

    I Miss 2015

    I miss the days when we could sit around on this site and read a post by Harris or Peck about what tobacco they were buying and cellaring and then rush to get it. Such lovely freedom to lurk and then chase the good stuff. It was all available, mostly. You just did your homework and then made a...
  15. npod

    The Danish Pipe Shope (TDPS) Free International Shipping

    ---FYI!--- The Danish Pipe Shop is offering free international shipping for 5 days in recognition of IPSD!
  16. npod

    Pipe Cleaner Organizer

    I use Plano tackle boxes to store and organize my pipe cleaning accessories. I find it cheap and amazingly efficient. Any other ideas you have figured out along the way?
  17. npod

    Sweets With A Pipe?

    What is your favorite sweet treat or similar indulgence with a pipe? I love a Reese's PBC with espresso and a VaPer tobacco, especially Curly Block or similar blends with a bit of spicy perique, like Davidoff Flake Medallions. This is one of my favorite sweet treats! I'm always looking for...
  18. npod

    My First (And Only) American Pipe [Pic Heavy]

    I have waited a long time to add an American carver to my collection. It has been a long and winding road for sure. I held out for something particular, something specific, something “American”. More importantly, the pipe needed to be a modern take on a classic shape. Preferably a Prince with...
  19. npod

    Slow Down

    Please, let’s do a fundraiser to get money for upgrades on the ancient board software. This error message needs to die.
  20. npod

    I Have Nothing Special To Say

    Seriously, I have nothing special to say. No epiphany, no PSA, no STDs, no FYI, IYF, no LOL, no song and dance. I just wanted to hit 2,000.