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  1. snagstangl

    Interesting Completed Ebay Auctions - British Pipes

    Merchant Service I picked this one up for $15. Not really a common shape for them or finish. I wasn't going to let a band and non original stem stop me. Their stems didn't have stamps anyway.
  2. snagstangl

    Who Remembers Smoking Cars?

    In 2001-2002 I took an Amtrack from south east iowa to Chicago. There was not a smoking car but smoking rooms on the lower level of some of the cars. I remember smoking Camel lights there.
  3. snagstangl

    Age Extra Pipes

    Is the mortise face funneled ? If not, I would think a tenon like that would be a way to make it easier to insert without removing any extra briar from mortise / shank making it weaker. Especially on a small piece of briar to begin with.
  4. snagstangl

    The Worst British Pipes To Date?

    Restoring a Surprising Silver Treasure: a Robinson 8494 Quarter Bent Paneled Tomato - A england singapore connection is discussed in the above post.
  5. snagstangl

    Did You Like Burley From The Start?

    I did not like them in the beginning, but then again I dont think I could have picked out what flavor i was tasting that I didnt like. I like them now. Its kind of like the bitter/sweet thing with beer, I think burley has that, which may be acquired for some.
  6. snagstangl

    A Shot in the Dark, ID'ing a Pipe My Grandfather Had...?

    Or was the rustication like the below:
  7. snagstangl

    A Shot in the Dark, ID'ing a Pipe My Grandfather Had...?

    Do you have time period when he got the pipe?
  8. snagstangl

    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    How close to a 1,000 bowls are you?
  9. snagstangl

    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    Mississippi in a canoe... Hell No! Maybe in the lake where it starts.
  10. snagstangl

    Work Begins On My Frank Johnson Commission

    Sure, I can throw a handful of random crap on a table too and say its going to be a pipe.
  11. snagstangl

    Barlow & Dorr Pipes

    I havent bought from them, but they do sell on ebay as well so maybe check the reviews there. What they sell looks pretty solid, not made of plastic type pipes.
  12. snagstangl

    Smoking My 1882 Barling Magnum

    Bank of Legos? It makes my feet hurt just thinking about it.
  13. snagstangl

    1917 WW1 Pipe Question

    I think it is a CHIBOUK pipe.
  14. snagstangl

    Pipe Smoking Must-Do Experiences

    Have enough pipes that you forget some that you have, until you happen upon them.
  15. snagstangl


    i love this^
  16. snagstangl

    Using a Slot Funneling Tool

    I don't know if it is a mill or lathe.
  17. snagstangl

    Using a Slot Funneling Tool

    I just watched a few videos of castello. It looks like the start with acrylic rod , turn a tenon, then drill the draft hole. After that they make the " slot " on a lathe by drilling it out. Then it is paired with the briar and the rest of the shaping is done with files and sanding disks to...
  18. snagstangl

    Custom-Bilt and Custom Bilt Stem Styles?

    Shank size I think quite a bit. 3/4" and up usually have saddle stems and under that often goes to tapered.
  19. snagstangl

    Breaking In A New Pipe - With Water?

    Peterson's 1905 catalog recommends running water through a new pipe before smoking it, or to put water in the bowl and let it sit an hour, then dump out and smoke the pipe for breaking in.
  20. snagstangl

    Wolf Pipe, Made In England

    I have one as well, and found some info on it years ago. I will see if I can find it again.