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  1. layinpipe

    Seems Legit, Right?

    I was browsing/trolling through fleabay and stumbled across this posting and got quite a good laugh out of it. A blatently and absurdly fake Dunhill. At least it's only starting at $9.50. Maybe it's Dunhill, Kansas pipes? :rofl...
  2. layinpipe

    Dirk Claessen Olivewood Lotus Line PAD And SPC TAD

    I scored my first Olivewood pipe recently, a Dirk Claessen Lotus Line Liverpool with a beautiful and tasteful green cumberland brindle ebonite stem. Dirk was nothing less than fantastic to deal with and the shipping took 6 business days from Spain to my doorstep in VA, not too shabby. Pipe...
  3. layinpipe

    Il Duca Barone B3 Natural Lovat

    Here's the latest addition to my stable, a Il Duca Barone B3 Lovat sandblast with a natural bleached briar finish and a cumberland stem. I've been looking at Massimiliano's Il Duca pipes for quite a while and have greatly admired his work. I love this pipe. It is right up my alley in terms of...
  4. layinpipe

    Briar Bird Commissioned Billiard With Tamper

    I recently commissioned a billiard and tamper from Jason Cochey, aka Briar Bird Pipes, as a late birthday gift from my girlfriend. I own 4 of Jason's pipes currently and absolutely love his craftsmanship as well as his superb customer service. After some basic and semi-specific...
  5. layinpipe

    Vintage "Pipes" Reamer, Great Deal!!!

    For any of you fine folks out there whose "pipes" need a good solid cleaning out, do not miss this amazing opportunity!!! Whomever is...
  6. layinpipe

    Drew Estate Kentucky Dark Fired Stogies

    What's up guys and gals, hope everyone is well. I've been refilling my humidors here lately, as it has been a while since they have had sticks in them. I buy one on nearly every trip to my local b&m to smoke in the lounge along with my pipes, but i acquire the majority of them online as you pay...
  7. layinpipe

    3 Year Old Escudo And Briar Bird Bliss

    Found a 3 Year old tin of Escudo sitting in the back of the stack on the shelf at my local b&m yesterday. Score. Just popped the top on it and damn, smells delicious and tastes the same. Smoking a bowl right now in my Briar Bird #55. Pipers bliss. This stuff really shines with age. Hope everyone...
  8. layinpipe

    Little NYE TAD & Great Customer Service As Usual From Smoking Pipes

    So i very recently ran out of one of my favorite blends, the classic Solani Aged Burley Flake, and have been wanting to try the new "Six Pence" blend from G. L. Pease for a little while now. Easy solution, ordered 4 tins of ABF, a can of Six Pence and the last of SP's stock of GH Dark Flake...
  9. layinpipe

    First Ashton (FINALLY!), Estate Score

    I finally scored an Ashton, after patiently looking around for a good deal and one i liked for the past 6 months or so. I have always been very impressed with the late legend Bill Taylor's (even though this is a Jimmy Craig carved pipe) oil curing process and how he described it sounded like it...
  10. layinpipe

    Layinpipe & Sailorjeremy Friday Afternoon Pipe Session

    Thread title says it all. We got off work early and are drinking some great aged rum and smoking some 4 year old solani aged burley flake. Jeremy's smoking his dr. Bob and I'm smoking my Clark Layton that was part of recent discussions. Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend! Cheers!
  11. layinpipe

    Stonehaven & Penzance Available

    Got an email from Mars Cigars and it looks like a bunch of Esoterica blends including Stonehaven and Penzance are available. I didn't believe it initially because this stuff, as you all know, flies off the shelf quicker than 50 Shades Of Gray at a women's convention. But alas, I ordered my 1 bag...
  12. layinpipe

    2 More Briar Bird's For The Collection

    Been meaning to make a post about these two briar acquisitions for a little while, but i've been busy here lately. I bought these directly through Jason on FB and the experience was nothing short of perfect, just as i suspected. I cannot sing Jason's praises enough, both as a person and a pipe...
  13. layinpipe

    3 New Briar Additions With Pipe Porn, I Mean Pics

    Some pics of recent scores on ebay, all 3 were great deals IMO, especially the Erik Nielsen. Curtz was $60 including shipping (my third Curtz), Amadeus was $34 including shipping and the Nielsen was $60 including shipping. I can't say it enough, if you are patient and have the time to moderately...
  14. layinpipe

    Richmond CORPS(e) Pipe Show And My New Clark Layton Burner

    So as a quick follow up to my post in Al's thread regarding last weekend's Richmond CORPS pipe show, here is the Clark Layton slightly canted billiard i scored off of Primal Chheda from Smokers Haven. I traded him the two pipes i posted for sale here recently plus a little cash and he even threw...
  15. layinpipe

    Had $18,000 For A Car...Bought A Pipe Instead

    So I decided to hell with a car, i can bike it everywhere and it's good exercise, and i bought this pipe instead. That was a good decision and a well thought out plan, right...
  16. layinpipe

    Gorgeous Estate Dunhill!!!

    Check out this beauty from an ebay listing going on right now. I just wanted to do my brotherly duty and privy you all to this rare and well maintained exclusive Dunhill. Get your bids in fast! You're welcome.
  17. layinpipe

    Life's Hard...It's A Dog's Life

    Just a pic i snapped last night when i caught my buddy Sarge working hard on doing what he does best...being lazy and spoiled rotten! I love seeing pics of people's dogs when they catch them in funny situations, so feel free to post 'em if you got 'em. My 3 dogs never cease to entertain me, they...
  18. layinpipe

    New Jason Cochey Briar Bird "Twisted Tomato"

    Got this baby in the mail on Friday afternoon and boy was i excited to finally see it in person! It is a Briar Bird pipe by Mr. Jason Cochey, which he dubbed "Twisted Tomato". The pipe is simply amazing, from the wonderful 360 blast around the bowl, to the cumberland shank extensions on either...
  19. layinpipe

    Estate Score - Ed Andrew Eagle Grade Canadian

    The PAD continues but fuck it, i don't really care bc i practically STOLE this beautiful pipe. It's an Ed Andrew Jurkiewicz (E. Andrew) Eagle Grade Canadian, made in 2007. It's incredibly light for its size at 57 grams. 6.75"L, 2" bowl, 1.5"OD, 7/8"ID. The pics on ebay did the pipe zero justice...
  20. layinpipe

    Back In The Saddle Again (PAD/TAD, That Is)

    Well, i had a good run at pipe and tobacco buying abstinence over the past few months but like they say, "all good things must come to an end". I don't count the 1lb. ODF that i bought a couple weeks ago with the P&C 20% special, that was just a no-brainer and a necessary acquisition. That being...