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  1. hmhaines

    A Good Smoke With Captain Beefheart (Pics)

    Been a while since I've had a chance to roam the message boards and even longer since I've posted anything pipe related. I miss this place! Had a very successful interview/lunch with the owner of a masonry company today, looks like I'll have a nice job lined up at the end of my season with the...
  2. hmhaines

    Ring Thing

    I did it, finished the wax models of Shannen's engagement and wedding rings! As you'd expect from Harvey, here are a bunch of words too many photos. I wanted to base the engagement ring on a ring I'd made for Shannen the summer after we'd started dating. That ring, below, was hammered out of...
  3. hmhaines

    Surviving the Weather

    After about two months of living in MN, I can comfortably state that my earlier hypothesis - which stated that Minnesota is too cold for any sane human to live in - is true. Yes, yes, I'm still alive. But I'm so, so cold. Been working at a ski resort, so I'm outside most days, no matter the...
  4. hmhaines

    Right Now

    Terrible quality photo, hope you get some of the idea. Sitting outside after a long work day, enjoying my pipe and trying to stay warm. I'm at the tail end of a nasty cold, just getting all of my sense of taste back. Filled my bowl with a mix of McC No.27 and Beacon Extra, a tasty combo...
  5. hmhaines

    Status Update and a Two-Wheeled Lunt

    Took a seasonal job at Afton Alps, a small ski resort outside of Minneapolis. My position is lift operator which means that six of my seven days are spent outside helping people onto chairs, shoveling snow, smashing ice, and being chilly. On Wednesdays I have off, so today I took my bicycle...
  6. hmhaines

    Just Been A Little Busy

    I'm still around, folks, just a bit full-up in the schedule area. Tried some Beacon Extra yesterday and loved it, that'll get reviewed as soon as I get a chance, don't know when that'll be. WE'll see when I find the time! (And warmth...)
  7. hmhaines

    On The Use Of The Word "Aromatic"

    Getting ready to try out some Beacon Extra tomorrow (thanks Secret Santa!!!), I was going over the label and noticed that, quite curiously, the Perique is described as being aromatic. This is something I've noticed before, the word aromatic being used to describe the flavor or a component of an...
  8. hmhaines

    Two New (To Me) [Pics]

    Since moving to MN I've had some awesome mail days. Mostly I've been unboxing all of the nonsense I shipped myself from CT, but there've also been a handful of pipe and cigar packages. Yesterday brought one of the best boxes. What was in it? Two BriarBird pipes! The first is a hefty piece that...
  9. hmhaines

    My Favorite Game

    Getting the peel off of an orange in one piece. Best part of winter.
  10. hmhaines

    Surprise Interview

    Got a call this morning, headhunting company wants me to come in to interview for a handful of welding positions. I'm giddy! Going to their office at 2, hope it goes well!
  11. hmhaines

    Minneapolis Move Successful - Pics

    There it is, the new place I'll be sitting to enjoy my pipes. Cold as hell, but at least I'm with Shannen now! As the title of the thread suggests, my move to MN went off smoothly. Sat down Thursday night and had my first pipeful in the new place. Chilly, but still satisfying. As you can see...
  12. hmhaines

    James Davis Pipes? Found this guy on Etsy, his pipes are beautiful and he's got great reviews. Anyone have something from him? Interested in knowing how they smoke!
  13. hmhaines

    Calvin Candie Pipe

    Googley searchings showed me that you've discussed Tarantino's use of pipes in his movies before, but I couldn't find anything on specific pipe identification. I'm not looking to buy one, but I am curious about the pipe smoked by Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) in Django Unchained. Candie is billed...
  14. hmhaines

    The House of Small Cubes

    Not sure if it can be viewed off of Netflix, but I just stumbled onto a 12-minute animated short about an old man who loses his pipe and finds some memories. The House of Small Cubes. Take a look!
  15. hmhaines

    RoMa & Golf Ashtrays (Pic Heavy)

    Lookit Harvey, showin' off again! Don't worry, this should be about the last of it, had to leave my welding stuff in CT! Finished these up before leaving for MN. They were ordered by RoMa Craft Tobac, an excellent cigar company. The RMCT ashtrays are standard designs from my business, they've...
  16. hmhaines

    Case Pocket Knives

    I'm sure a lot of you folks have heard of these guys and maybe some of you prefer multi-tools, but perhaps a few of you will benefit: I adore Case pocket knives. They are extremely well made, come in a huge variety of shapes and styles, and some of them are even mildly affordable! I usually buy...
  17. hmhaines

    Losing Things

    Standing in kitchen, I pick the drab grey bag up off my table. Inside:1/8" drill bit, 7/64" drill bit, reciept for the previous two items. Walk through dining room, open door to downstairs, walk down the stairs. Right, go through my workshop's antechamber: the sad messy room filled with...
  18. hmhaines

    Usually, The Oldest Thing In The Room: Man Jewelry

    Several years ago, long before any of my welding or glassworking escapades, I found a little old wrench in my great-grandfather's workshop. Using his old framing hammer and bench vise, I banged that wrench into a ring. I remember listening to Shel Silverstein music and watching the sun come up...
  19. hmhaines

    Literal Pipe Nails

    After becoming a fan of the humble pipe nail, I decided I wanted to make some out of actual nails. I had some big old nails hanging around the workshop so I used a few of those. Hammered 'em flat on one end, ground things a little bit, and cleaned them all up. It would be nice to polish them...
  20. hmhaines

    New Christmas Traditions: The Poop Log Cometh

    Shannen and I are 23, just moving in together, looking forward to a life full of student debt and digital dependency. Also love, if there's time between jobs. Though we've been together for six years, this holiday season will be our first alone together, untethered by the responsibilities and...