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  1. calabashed

    FS - Briarworks Strawberry 3 pipe set - 8/6/20

    A trio of Briarworks Original Strawberry shapes, length 6” x height 2”, bowls are .75” wide x 1.25” deep, weights are between 45-55 grams. Each has been smoked just once or twice. Only looking to sell as a set for now. $250 for all 3, includes U.S. priority shipping, if you’re outside the U.S...
  2. calabashed

    I Love the Shape of This Pipe, But......

    I'd light it with a small hemp wick, I use em all the time, keep a tea light candle going to light the wick. I use this guy here to hold my candles while I smoke, can light one handed even easier than striking a match or lighter.
  3. calabashed

    Show Us Your Unfinished Pipes

    Trevor Talbert Ligne Bretagne Yule 2017. It's unfinished in the sense that it has no wax or stain, but the stummel has also been bleached.
  4. calabashed

    Keeping Bands Shiny

    For those who use jewler's cloths, anyone have recommendations for your favorite brand?
  5. calabashed

    SAV Oceano Line

    I really like Savinelli's use of colored acrylic, not just in their whimsical theme lines but also some of their more traditional offerings use subtly colored stems to great effect, like the deep chocolate color on the Seta and dark cumberland swirl on the Quandale. Not sure I'd go in for the...
  6. calabashed

    Your Most *Enduring* Blends

    Mac Baren HH Acadian Perique
  7. calabashed

    Cleaning a Calabash

    Nice, Mimmo does good work. In short yes clean it like any briar pipe, and to clean the inside of the "gourd" chamber use cotton swabs dipped in everclear followed by dry paper towels until clean. I think Mimmo's have a rubber gasket, if so be careful to keep the alcohol off of it. These things...
  8. calabashed

    Ryan Alden Elephant Foot UPDATE (Pic Heavy)

    Absolutely gorgeous, that sandblasted bamboo effect is just too cool!
  9. calabashed

    Cleaning a Calabash

    @pianopuffer What sort of briar 'bash is it, is it like the Briarworks type with a removable bowl and a large chamber underneath?
  10. calabashed

    Mold in My Storage Container

    This is one of several reasons I keep blends I'm actively smoking in small jars, minimal leaf lost if one becomes infected and I have to trash it. Overall if you keep the bands tight they're pretty good at keeping mold spores out when they're sealed, but yes definitely trash the box, wipe the...
  11. calabashed

    American Artisans & Foreign Artisans

    Put simply, anyone you've encountered who thinks American artisans are inherently inferior doesn't have a clue. There are many carvers in the states who make fantastic pipes in terms of quality and smoking, and styling is 100% subjective anyway. Whatever style you find yourself drawn to is what...
  12. calabashed

    Finish Coming Off / Not Set

    Paragon contains solvents that keep the wax soft until it's applied, this is probably what's stripping off some of your top stain. I think you're probably just accelerating the normal process with contrast stains where some of the top stain bleeds out with skin contact and heat from smoking over...
  13. calabashed

    Best Tobacco in Hot and Humid (Tropical) Climate

    Have you ever tried Black Frigate? Not exactly a traditional English blend but the Latakia and Orientals are present. Hard to describe the flavor but I think it's definitely one that would be suited to warm tropical days.
  14. calabashed

    Best Tobacco in Hot and Humid (Tropical) Climate

    It's totally subjective of course, but I also can't stand Latakia when it's humid. I think a good VaPer or straight Virginias are at their best when it's warmer, especially red VAs when the humidity is up but it's important to dry it pretty well first.
  15. calabashed

    July PAD

    Very nice. I love Marco's pipes, never had one that didn't smoke like a champ.
  16. calabashed

    Beginnings of burnout or cake falloff?

    It looks like a spot of bare briar to me, like the precarb flaked off, probably caused by a pipe cleaner since it's exactly across from the draft hole. I would think it should cake up again fine if you just keep smoking it.
  17. calabashed

    The Gourd Calabash Lovers Thread

    @ysoitney That sucks! BC makes a great calabash, harder to find these days so definitely worth having repaired properly, I'm sure one of the professional repair folks out there can help you. Are you able to post any pics of the break?
  18. calabashed

    Filling out an order suggestions

    Dunhill Nightcap comes to mind
  19. calabashed

    Tabac Manil Semois == A Quality Maduro Cigar Sliced and Diced?

    I think any straight air cured burley has some similarity to cigar leaf, but I'd say Semois is farther from that cigar taste than most burley, it really has a flavor all it's own.