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    A Soggy SG Drying Experience

    Ok so I got a 250g of SG Kendal Mayor's Chocolate Flake. It comes in a ziplock bag inside a carboard box wrapped in cellophane, and it even says on the box words to the effect it tends to dry out after a while. Well I had the box on a shelf for several months, but it was still pretty soggy...
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    SG Firedance Flake

    Picked me up a tin of this recently. I happen to like blackberry flavor, and if you do also, it's a good one to consider. Unlike aros in which the tobacco is merely a sponge used to absorb the topping, Firedance uses quality tobacco with a decent natural flavor of its own. Like most SG blends...
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    Villiger New World Export Review

    Just for giggles I picked up a pouch of this. There are a series of "Export" blends, of which this is one. There are no reviews on TR for any of these Villiger blends, I guess they're new (or maybe just renamed). They also come in pouches whereas the older ones came in tins. "New World...
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    Initial Reviews: Sutliff Edgeworth Match,Amphora,Aperatif,SG Chocolate Flake

    Sutliff Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Match: I smoked my way through a 14oz can (the only way it's currently sold in the US) of Lane Ltd Ready Rubbed which is said to be the exact recipe of the Edgeworth original, and I found it okay but didn't want to buy that much again. So I decided to give the...
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    Cult Blood Red Moon Review

    Right off the bat, I am neither an aro lover nor a hater. My mainstay blends are non-aros, but I enjoy a change off. The problem with most aros are they are so heavily topped that the underlying tobacco is nothing more than a combustible sponge, and apparently many blenders don't feel the need...
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    Pease Virginia Cream + Lane Ltd. BCA = Perfection

    I like the taste and room note of Virginia Cream, but find the tendency for it to bite, plus the peppery taste of Perique detracting. I mixed 2oz of Lane's BCA with 4oz of Virginia Cream (i.e. 1/3 BCA) and for me it's absolute perfection...what I wish it came like from the blender. Burns cool...
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    Suckerpunched By PAD

    No doubt I overpaid, but they're NOS never smoked, and 2 of my fav shapes. I've got 2 meers, one of them is probably 75 yrs old and was my dad's, the other I got around '73-'74. Good smokers but I never cared for the look of them, I don't even like light-stained briars. I really like the way...
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    Erik Stokkebye's 4th Generation 1931 Flake

    I mention this one often but I never did a review of it. Partly because everyone's taste is different and I'm not sure there's any way to rely on someone else's review for a blend you have not smoked, unless you agree with the reviewer's other reviews of blends you have smoked. I basically am...
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    H.U. Found New Comoy's Pipes At Great Prices

    No connection at all with this seller, but they have good feedback over a ton of sales and the pipes are brand new in box and about a third of the cost of online retailers. I picked one up for myself. LINK
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    G.L. Pease Virginia Cream Review

    As an early Christmas present I decided to try this rather new blend. A little background: I'm not an Aro smoker per-se. My mainstays are Royal Yacht, Nightcap, and Escudo. But I like to have one or two Aros on hand as a change of pace, and for times when I want something whose room-note...
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    Edward G and a little Nightcap...Awesome!

    Supposedly Edward G Robinson blend contains latakia but I sure can't taste it. So I mixed in a little Nightcap (about 25% by volume I reckon). Turned a nice smoke into a great one. Jim you should try this.
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    Gummy Gunky System Pete's?

    Question for other smokers of Peterson System pipes: do you find the mortise/reservoir area and tenon end get a lot more brown gummy gunk buildup than your regular pipes? I've got 6 Pete's and even though I run a pipe cleaner through them after each smoke and then fold it in half and swab out...
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    Escudo vs Dunhill DNR

    I've been smoking DNR for most of a year, as I opened the last of 10 tins I had bought I decided to save a bunch of money and try Escudo this time. Ik there's controversy but the general concensus seems to be they are pretty close if not the same. Idk what others are tasting, but to me they...
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    Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls A Winner

    I just started smoking this blend and so far I really love it and wonder why I never tried it before. Thanks Jim (jiminks) for recommending it over Elizabethan based on my criteria of strength and flavorfulness. With the buy-4-get-25%-off sale at smokingpipes, DNR was actually cheaper than its...
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    Erik Stokkebye's 1931

    I received a sample of this a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. Had to wait a while till it came back in stock but now I have a few tins on hand, so I decided to write a review on it. I'm not one of those who can describe tobacco in terms of things it doesn't contain (like figs and...
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    Black Cavendish as Condiment in Royal Yacht

    Since I started checking out blends online, I've been paying more attention to what's in them, and I noticed a significant number of non-aromatic blends (including some English lat blends) that contain minor amounts of black cavendish as a condiment. So I decided to try an experiment. I blended...
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    Stokkebye 1931

    Got a free sample of this today. I'm not a flake guy, really don't care to mess with it, but I tried it out. Being my first time with a flake, I did the fold and stuff of the entire flake into a large Ser Jac rusticated egg. It didn't all fit, so I have some rubbed out strands left for a...
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    First Impressions Of Three Nuns

    I have a friend who has been smoking Three Nuns exclusively for decades (yes, I know it's different now, and so does he) so I had to give it a try. First's not bad, but it's a little boring. I didn't taste what I've seen the reviews imply, just basically plain tobacco taste to...
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    A Guide To Enjoying Dunhill Royal Yacht

    A little background info: I have always prefered to go between two types of blends, Black Cavendish (not heavily cased) and Latakia-heavy English blends (but NO Perique). A little while ago I decided to try something different, something more along the line of a "natural aromatic" so-to-speak...
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    Peterson's Hyde Park

    I ordered a free tin of this along with a Peterson pipe, based on reviews of all of those offered. It seemed like the only one I might enjoy, being as it is called an English blend. Well, if it's an English then I'm a two-headded giraffe. The tin note is not bad, and the room note is...