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  1. archangel

    Will Smoking Dried Out Tobacco Ruin A Pipe?

    Newbie question here- I like dried out tobacco and have less tongue bite from it. But will dried tobacco crack a pipe or make it hotter? Also my Meerschaum burns hotter than my briar. Is the normal? Thanks guys.
  2. archangel

    What About Adding Fresh Tobacco On Top Of Dottle?

    A Newbie Question-I alwas have a bit of dottle in the bottom of my pipes. Some of it looks brown and still smokable. Is it OK to add fresh on top, or do you guys just throw it away? Thanks.
  3. archangel

    Whats The Best Way To Clean The Inside Of My Meerschaum Bowl?

    I have a new meersch that is getting a black layer inside. I want to clean it without damaging the bowl. I read water is bad for a meersch, so what do you guys use or recommend for such a cleaning. Also it gets hotter than my briar, is that normal for a meerschaumm? Thanks guys.
  4. archangel

    Building A Cake Layer In My Brylon

    I am a new pipe smoker started in Feb of 2017. I have one Briar, one Meerschaum, one pear bowl and one Brylon. When I bought the brylon, the clerk said it was wood, but on close inspection, it looked more plastic than not, so I researched it and found out what it really was and infused with wood...
  5. archangel

    How Many Bowls Do You Smoke A Day

    I'm sure this topic has already been here on the forum, but I couldn't find it so I am asking it here. I started out with 3-4 bowls a day, but after learning more about pipe smoking and preparing my tobaccos & bowl for a better smoke, I now smoke 5-7 bowls and definitely after each meal. Now I...
  6. archangel

    About Inhaling Butane Lighter Gas?

    Some say it's OK, while others say it's not. What do you guys think & use? Just curious, Thanks.
  7. archangel

    Beginning with a Churchwarden

    Hi, I just started smoking a pipe about 4 months ago. I chose the Churchwarden because of the look (a wizard pipe) since I am a modern alchemist wizard- retired from Stanford University physics Department as a physicist/engineer. So it goes with my whole wizard persona. I know sooner or later I...