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  1. mechanic

    Radice Poker

    I have a radice poker sand grain im sell pretty cheap but i have yet to figure out how to post pics i can load the in my.album but how do i move the to my selling post any help greatly appreciated.
  2. mechanic

    Citrus full va bulk

    Are there anything close to ogs type flavors available in a bulk flake ive got 507c but i really enjoy that ogs citrus but want to buy bulk and not have 10k tins stacked about.
  3. mechanic

    New Rossi 8320

  4. mechanic

    Gag reflex

    I got a fresh order of tobacco blends in the mail G,H &co. Balkan mixture was one of them i have had several of their rope tobaccos and really enjoyed those but for some reason this blend makes me gag and almost throw up its not the taste of the blend and im not nic. Sensitive but seems to be a...
  5. mechanic


    I recently saw some videos of people flying fpv drones and after some research i ordered me a frame and am working on getting the other components. It involves lot of soldering and various other things to complete and from what i have seen with my enjoyment of mechanical and electrical workings...
  6. mechanic

    Why do b&m change names of commercial blends

    I have a tobacco shop near me mostly cig and ryo orianted but have 6 jars of house blends with names like blueridge blend etc. But right under that it says lane 1q or lane bca what is the point?
  7. mechanic

    Suspenders any one use em

    Ordered a few pair of pants offline got em in and they were too big so with my prime membership figured id get some suspenders be easier and quicker than the whole return process best money iv ever spent wish id have got some 30+ years ago
  8. mechanic

    C&D epiphany

    Been working through blends being a newbie and all got 4 in today haunted bookshop, autumn evening, epiphany and sutliff vanilla custard. I cant discern out the diffrent flavors yet but i much prefer epiphany is there some more exp. Folks that can help me figure out what the ingredients are...
  9. mechanic

    Does Pipe Shape Effect How It Smokes?

    Looking through all the diffrent style pipes. I was wondering if being a new pipe smoker i would be best to get a certain style. Im definetly gonna get some cobbs as reccomended but also wanted to purchase a briar in the 150 to 200 price range. Any advice would be greatly appreiacted thank you
  10. mechanic

    New from nc

    Hello everyone just got in to pipes a few days ago been a 2 pack a day cig smoker for about 10 years trying to convert over had pipe for about 3 days and have been cig free for 2 so far so good. Looking foward to this forum seems to have very helpful people thanks