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  1. chalbach72

    Multiple Pipes FS // Comoy's Secondhands, Stanwell, Butz-Choquin Gourd Calabash (4/18/20)

    Hey Guys! I'm looking to sell some pipes. Getting married in July and moving into my first house, so I need to get some extra funds for some house projects! Willing to hear offers on stuff, just no lowballs please!. Payment accepted through Venmo or Paypal. Will sell all for $425 shipped...
  2. chalbach72

    What Brought You To The Pipe?

    I know this has been posted on many times, but I don't feel like digging up an older topic. So, I just want to know what brought you to the hobby, and why you stick with it! For me, it was a 1 1/2 years ago, in September 2014. My buddies had picked up pipes from their dads, and they were going...
  3. chalbach72

    Quite Possibly One of the Best Purchases I'll Ever Make.

    So I decided to go on a man hunt for antique pipes on random sites. I just happened to find a holy grail of sorts, for me. An Everyman's Comoy Pipe, what appears to be an oversized bulldog for a whopping $10! The pictures weren't good at all, but the store has a return policy, which, if I...
  4. chalbach72

    Looking For High Quality Aromatics to Try

    Hi all, I've been in the pipe game for about a year and a half, and I'm mainly an aromatic smoker. I've tried English blends, and I just really can't get past the smell for most of them (Only one I like is a hand-blended English at my local B&M, the Country Squire). As such, I'm always on the...
  5. chalbach72

    Why I Enjoy The Pipe - A Small Writing

    It was not the “cool factor” of the hobby, nor was it a way to deliver nicotine to my body. It was not a giving into peer pressure, and it was not a solemn choice that condemns my body to lesser years. No, it was a diving into the culture, into the art, and into the pipe. After a year and...
  6. chalbach72

    PAD And A Questionable Comoy's Order

    So recently, I came to buy an estate Radice (smoked only once or twice probably, enough to darken the chamber) Rind with a wonderful plateau top for the very lovely price of $78. I also just bought a Comoy's Magnum Lumberman (It's a 309 with a replacement stem, and they replaced it with a saddle...
  7. chalbach72

    Any Information on Dunedin London pipes?

    Hi gents. I just purchased (Due to an overwhelming rush of PAD) 3 English pipes for the WONDERFUL price of $55! The seller asked 75, but I got an acceptance for a $55 offer. These pipes are labeled differently, one marked "SATIN GRAIN", two "SUPREME DUNEDIN", and they say "MADE IN LONDON...
  8. chalbach72

    Looking for new tobaccos to try

    So I'm mostly an aromatic smoker. As a patron of The Country Squire here in Jackson, MS, I have access to their hand-blended high quality aromatics. I do want to, however, broaden my horizons with some non-aromatics. Now, I find myself to not be a massive lover of Perique (I had Kajun Kake...
  9. chalbach72

    Rim Char - How far I've come in a year of pipe smoking

    So when I first began, I used to see pipes with BLACK rims, thinking surely this is how this is supposed to look. In fact, I at first AIMED TO GET SOME CHAR ON THE RIM. I didn't know that was so harmful, and I remember when I got my first decent pipe (A Peterson Killarney Fishtail) I thought to...
  10. chalbach72

    High praise for Pete Prevost and Neptune Pipes

    So for those of you unaware, Mississippi's main B&M, The Country Squire, hit a wonderful milestone this month with their 45th anniversary! One of the awesome events hosted was a trunk show of Briarworks, Icarus, and Neptune pipes with Pete Prevost in attendance to talk about his and Todd's...
  11. chalbach72

    Any other highly moderate pipe smokers out there?

    As a pipe smoker who smokes usually no more than 3 times a week (and that's ALOT for me), I seem to be quite the rare bird on this site, as most of you seem to smoke multiple times a day. Now, I am a person who thinks of the pipe like a fine wine. I like to sample it at times of only the...
  12. chalbach72

    My New Pipe Collecting Goal

    As a man who has always been attracted to the "classic" nature of pipe smoking, I think I've set out on a goal of collecting certain pipes or style of pipes from the different major countries of pipe making. I'd like to have at least one pipe of either a certain shape or certain maker from...
  13. chalbach72

    Artisans and Funky Pipe Shapes

    This is by no means an attempt to bash artisan makers or their work, but I am very curious to know why so many artisans make pipes that are shaped so oddly compared to what I consider to be normal pipe shapes? I often see them labeled things like blowfish or fan, or even very odd volcanoes. Is...
  14. chalbach72

    The Gentlemen's Corner - Online Pipe Community

    Hi guys! Just wanted to talk for a minute about a project I began on Instagram back around November. The Gentlemen's Corner began as a Pipe-Only page on Instagram, but I'm wanting to expand it to more than just pipes (though this is and will be the central theme) and have talks about other...
  15. chalbach72

    Replacement stem for 70's Comoys?

    My friend has a Canadian shape Comoys that just recently had the stem crumble. He's looking to get it replaced, and I knew people on here could put me in touch with someone who can make a new stem. Who would be the best as far as quality/price goes?
  16. chalbach72

    How often do you smoke?

    Pretty simple question, I'm curious to see how often you gents smoke, and what you typically smoke when you do! As for me, I smoke no more than twice a week if lucky, typically once every week or two! I think of it more like a fine wine; it's not something I do often so I can appreciate it...
  17. chalbach72

    My Next Tobacco - Need suggestions!

    So I find myself in a position to get a new tobacco type/flavor. As of now, I mainly smoke either VA blends or various aromatics. I have C&D Kajun Kake, but it is an occasional smoke I try to reserve for warmer days. Mainly looking for something new, just wanted to see what idea you guys had! :D
  18. chalbach72

    John Bessai Pipes - Any Info?

    I have a pipe in the mail for me today - a John Bessai Poker, marked as such (It is an estate pipe, with a replacement stem judging by the pictures. It has a rather beautiful rustication) I was trying to see what all info I could find, besides about Bessai's life and ownership of the shop, as...
  19. chalbach72

    B&B Pearwood Pipes?

    I recently, rather, accidentally, won a bid on a polish pear wood poker pipe, made by the brand of B&B. They claim to be handmade, and I see rather convincing reviews that it might prove to be a nice pipe, but I was wondering what experience anyone has had with this brand, or at least good...
  20. chalbach72

    Ropp Briar Pipes - worth the buy?

    I'm looking at a Ropp pipe I found for $75, but I don't really know anything about the brand nor their pipes. Could anyone enlighten me as to whether this is a good deal or not? Still on the hunt for a poker, and I think I found a good one with this Ropp. Just want to make sure the 75 is a good...