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  1. magicpiper

    What Are You Listening To (July 2020)

    John Coltrane: A Love Supreme on vinyl. Nothing beats the rich sound of old records.
  2. magicpiper

    What Sports Are We Fans Of?

    I grew up an Atlanta Braves fan because of TBS. Games were always accessible. Too bad they only won one World Series in the 90’s. With pitchers like they had, should have won a few more. I work for an NBA team so I am partial to professional basketball. I enjoy watching the Hurricanes play...
  3. magicpiper

    What Sports Are We Fans Of?

    That’s a really nice necklace she’s got there!
  4. magicpiper and the FL Tobacco Tax....

    I had the same experience this am when ordering two tins of Sun Bear. I checked out as I normally do and went to bed. Found an email in my inbox a few hours later saying they needed to charge the tobacco tax. I was given the choice of cancelling the order or paying the tax on a separate invoice...
  5. magicpiper

    Are Mason Jars Scarce in Your Area?

    Bought a case of quart jars today at Walmart. Seemed well stocked. Grocery store had plenty too. Must not be a run on Ball/Mason jars in Central Florida.
  6. magicpiper

    Central Florida Pipe Clubs

    Read the quote from a previous post. And yes, enough of that BS. Let’s get a pipe meeting going.
  7. magicpiper

    Central Florida Pipe Clubs

    Disney has its rabid legion of admirers near and far. They stand in endless lines to pay too much money to stand in long lines all day. The romance of Walt Disney and his mouse has given way to absurd politics, low to near slave wages, and tone deaf policies. They would much rather spend $10...
  8. magicpiper

    What Are You Listening To (July 2020)

    Thelonious Monk Trio album on vinyl.
  9. magicpiper

    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    McClelland 40th Anniversary in Peterson Fisherman 106. Black coffee.
  10. magicpiper

    What’s Your Favorite “Stress Relief” Smoke?

    Glendronach never ceases to amaze me with how delicious it is but the secondary market is pricing me out of the game.
  11. magicpiper

    Hello From The Gulf Coast of Florida

    Welcome from Orlando. Have you been to TobaccoPipesdotCom just north of Tampa? I’ve never visited in person but order regularly from their website. Great service. Would like to visit in person some day soon.
  12. magicpiper

    Low-Key Aromatics

    I’ll second SWRA.
  13. magicpiper

    Really Bad Names for Tobacco...

    Dark Mierda Flake Acme Pipe Tobacco Mange Mixture Peterson Putrified Plug C&D Grandpas Dark Dentures
  14. magicpiper

    Accidental Retrohale

    I do it because it looks cool and chicks dig it. Give it a shot.
  15. magicpiper

    I Hate Breaking in a New Pipe

    I load new pipes with Sir Walter Raleigh and freight train the crap out of them.
  16. magicpiper

    PS LBF vs Comoy's Cask #7

    I prefer whichever one is cheaper at the moment. They’re both great, particularly when they have some age on them. You can’t go wrong with either one.
  17. magicpiper


    I am salivating with anticipation for the release of Dark Flake. I stocked up before it’s demise. I will replace it tin for tin when the Peterson Dark Flake arrives.
  18. magicpiper

    Does Your Region Have A Particular Delicacy Or Meal Associated With It?

    I grew up in Southeastern NC. Whole hog barbecue with vinegar bbq sauce was king. I have lived in Central FL for 20 years. Tourist crap is the main cuisine.