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  1. phxrock

    Metal Tenon

    Yesterday while roaming an Antique Store I found a couple straight Billard Meershaums. I was able o pick them up at a very reasonable price. Once home I cleaned them up a little they didn't new much cause they having been smoked in a while. Now when I pulled the stem off I found a metal tube...
  2. phxrock

    One of Those Days.

    Well one of those hit here this afternoon. After many weeks without rain it finally came the temp dropped quite a bit in a short time. Enough that Mr. ARTHRITIS started talking louder than normal. Also about 1330 hours it looked as if it was Sunset time. Then it went into another direction. I...
  3. phxrock

    In Search Of Help/Info

    Recently I was handed 2 Butera Coloring Bowls. I was asked to clean and replace the cork on them. I was told they don't seal while sitting in the bowl. In other words over the years the cork has been compressed and not allowing everything to sit together tightly. Also both of them have thick...
  4. phxrock

    My New Calabash

    The pipe is a Paykoc Meer. I was told it represents the Hound of Baskerville. The upper bowl was made from a bit of Cherry.
  5. phxrock

    Wooden Meershaum Coloring Bowl

    The Bowl was turned from Cherry. There is no finish yet. Chamber Diameter is 3/4" And 1 1/4" deep.
  6. phxrock

    Reborn Cobs

    Started their lives as MM Seconds.
  7. phxrock

    Sad News

    I just found out that MM does not make any hardwood pipes any more. This is sad I was going to use one for a mod and get a couple for the shop. A sad day in the world of Cobs.
  8. phxrock

    Looking for Information

    I am looking for information on a Duke of Dundee pipe. All the information I have found is a reference is a reference to Linkman and Dr. Grabow. I found this on pipephil. This pipe is not a carbirated bowl. It is a pocket pipe. Thank you for your help.
  9. phxrock

    Irish Plugs

    With the end of plugs like Warrior, Mick McQuaid. Is there any plugs that are close that are sold here in the states?
  10. phxrock

    Baraccini Pocket Pipes

    Has anyone tried these? P & C has them for $29.99 am wondering what to expect, I ordered 2 of them. I did this cause I want to build up my nose warmers rotation. Thanks John
  11. phxrock

    Arizona Pipers Get Together

    Some of us are getting together on Saturday February 11th at 1:00pm until ?. We have guys from Tucson and one comes from Camp Verde when he can. Where are we meeting? We will be at 1907 W Dobson Rd Mesa Az,. It is on the southeast corner of Dobson Rd and Main St, by the Big O Tire. This is the...
  12. phxrock

    House of Windsor Revalation

    Wondering what would be the value of a 12oz tub of Revalation?
  13. phxrock

    Some Tampers I Turned

    Found some nice looking material and couldn't get myself to cut it down so these came out.
  14. phxrock

    If You Had To Retire

    If you had to retire, what would you smoke if you had a limited income and celler? Would it be OTCs, or inexpensive blends from an e-tailer?
  15. phxrock

    Antique Store Find

    Stopped by a local antique store today and found 2 pipes. The first one on the left side of the shank says Sterling Band. On the right side of the shank it says American Briar. Then on the Silver Band it is stamped with a sideward Anchor in a rectangle then the letter T in a diamond then a Lion...
  16. phxrock

    Early Pipes

    Good afternoon guys, Thought I would ask you for your help defining the pipes used between 1550ad and 1625ad. I am also wondering about the tobaccos they smoked in this time period. Thanks for your help John
  17. phxrock

    Need Info on Antique Store Find a WDC I think

    Hi guys, this afternoon I stopped by the local antique store. I found this pipe and need direction. On the left side I the stummel there is a triangle with WDC in it. Next to the triangle there if Royal Demuth stamped. On the bottom it is stamped Filter Pat'd 1934. Then on the right side is...
  18. phxrock

    Growing Tobacco in the Desert

    I have been thinking about this for awhile. I live in the Phoenix Metro area and would like to try to grow my own Burley and some Virginia. With the summer temps being so high and the humidity being low. I am thinking about doing it in the winter here. Can anyone recommend some articles or...
  19. phxrock

    Falcon Bowls

    Was in an antique mall the other day and found a couple of falcon stems for $30.00 for the pair. One is marked standard. They are just the stems and no bowls. So I was wondering if anyone had a couple of used bowls I could buy. Thanks John
  20. phxrock

    Grabow Viking Bowls

    Does anyone know where I can find some replacement bowls for a Grabow Viking?