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  1. gecko13

    Going through the cellar I found porn -- 12/2011 Stonehaven

    Going through the cellar I found a small sealed mason jar of Stonehaven dated 12/2011. This is a small portion of the rest of the bag that went into a larger jar, and shows a good amount of crystals on the flakes. Many times I will put a bit away in a smaller jar to age, and also to be used...
  2. gecko13

    McClelland Bulk Sale at P&C

    For my brothers (and sisters) of the briar, P&C is having a 15% off sale on MC Bulk blends. If these blends are on your list, this may be a good time to stock the cellar. I added about 4 pounds to my cellar. As far as the ketchup smell; "You want fries with that?" :rofl:
  3. gecko13

    Symbolic Event in my Life

    While this is not something directly pipe related, it is something special I wanted to share with brier brothers and sisters. I wan​​ted to take a moment and share a​​ story of something that happened to me a few weeks ago; one that has had a profound impact on my life. Almost three years ago I...
  4. gecko13

    Custom Birdseye Maple Tamper Rack

    I wanted to share pictures of a tamper display rack I just completed for a customer. The three levels are Birdseye Maple, and edged with black leather. The back and bottom of the display rack are covered in black felt. Has plenty of holes (he requested at least 100) to display various size...
  5. gecko13

    End of the World Blend

    I was just sitting here reading all the news and seeing just how out of hand things have gotten. It just occurred to me, with the end of the world happening later this week, what tin shall I open for the big day? What blends have you chosen for the day? I'm thinking some 5 year old...
  6. gecko13

    Very proud day

    I wanted to share a special moment with all of you. On Friday Dec 7th my son Joshua graduated from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (Police Academy). I had the honor of pinning his badge while I wore my Sheriff's Office uniform. Josh nearly brought me to tears when I thanked him for the honor...
  7. gecko13

    Rustic Pine 24 Pipe Storage and Display Cabinet

    Newly completed rustic pine cabinet. Cabinet holds 2 rows of 12 pipes, 24 total. Has adjustable support shelves on both levels. Lower storage will accommodate quart sized mason jars.
  8. gecko13

    Bad case of unattended PAD ordering

    Bad case of TAD the other day while on the internet.....unattended. Was able to score some Peterson seasonal blends I can't wait to try this weekend. Peterson: DE LUXE MIXTURE 50g TAMBOLAKA 100g. Peterson SPECIAL RESERVE 2012 Peterson: Christmas Blend 2012 100g Peterson Hyde Park 50g...
  9. gecko13

    Penzance in stock at Iwan Ries

    I know some of y'all were looking for some the other day. Here you go: "We are pleased to inform you that Esoterica Penzance 8oz. is back in stock and available for purchase." Edit: Moved to PIPE TOBACCONISTS - B&M'S AND INTERNET...
  10. gecko13

    New Custom Oak Pipe Cabinet

    The following are a couple of pictures of an oak pipe cabinet I just completed for a member. It will hang on the wall, although it could sit on a table, holds 24 pipes, and the bottom storage will hold large and small mason jars. (up to 12). Edit: Beautiful work. :clap: Moved thread to Pipe...
  11. gecko13

    Is Greensboro NC a pipe friendly community

    This has got to be a first for me as far as considering my pipe hobby in a career move. (A small percentage, but I still have it in mind.) I am currently in the process of interviewing for a career move/job in the Greensboro NC area. My last interview will be later this month when I will fly...
  12. gecko13

    Makings of a good weekend

    Got my new custom cob from SmokingDragon yesterday, and my new Deering banjo to replace my import POS model. It was really tough to go to work this morning, but I think its going to be a good weekend. (Note the heart template on the workbench. From my son building a heart shaped wooden box...
  13. gecko13

    Designing Pipe Cabinets

    I am in the process of designing some pipe cabinets my use, and possibly a side marketing venture. I hope to have a couple done in the next few weeks. A lot of what I have been looking towards are the classic and antique replications. These would be made from pleasingly figured wood such as...
  14. gecko13

    2011 Holiday Spirit Trade

    I have two tins of McClelland Holiday Spirit I'd like to trade with somebody. One tins is open less a couple bowls, the other is still sealed. The tin note is awesome, but try as I might not being an aro fan, this just isn't a good choice for me. I'm open to trades for .... something along...
  15. gecko13

    SG in stock at PipesAndCigars

    Pipes and Cigars has several SG blends in stock including FVF, bulk and tins. :puffpipe:
  16. gecko13

    Just When You Think the Day is Completely Gone to Hell

    Today started as a textbook dysfunctional Monday. - Program management reviews with customers this week. - Assigned to cover another coworker that is on travel; investigate and fix some of his assigned tasks. - Upstairs plumbing leaking at home, and causing damage to ceiling over main floor...
  17. gecko13

    Annual PAD/TAD Inventory

    Today I did something I have been meaning to, and putting off. Doing an inventory of my cellar. I had been keeping a spreadsheet, but I have gotten lazy about keeping it up to date. My son came down into the downstairs area while I was diligently weighing my mason jars with their contents...
  18. gecko13

    Red Alert - Penzance and Stonehaven on deck

    Iwan Ries has 8oz bags of Penzance and Stonehaven, limit 1 per customer.
  19. gecko13

    I had an accident this morning

    Like many I have tried my hand at blending and layering different blends. Some of these experiments have taken blends I enjoyed separate and created something together that is less to something that was horrible. Have any of you, in efforts to avoid wasting small amounts of good blends...
  20. gecko13

    Penzance and Stonehaven at CupOJoes

    Just a heads up. Penzance and Stonehaven is available at Cup O Joes. Just ordered an 8 oz bag of each...yes there is limits to try and allow more folks a chance. Way better price than that eBay scammer is trying to get. :puffpipe: