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  1. gecko13

    New Custom Oak Pipe Cabinet

    Interesting. Well I am in the process up expanding my custom woodworking business ( and Midwest Wood Creatoins LLC on FB)) so maybe its just perfect timing. Too bad though as Two Cousins did make some interesting racks. I'll post some of our newer builds up here in the...
  2. gecko13

    New Custom Oak Pipe Cabinet

    Does anyone know what happened to Two Cousins? Their website has been down a while and I don't any good links for their products.
  3. gecko13

    TP has Germain and Esoterica

    @steamboat : Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. you meant to say it's rotten, never order it; you'll hate it.
  4. gecko13

    TP has Germain and Esoterica

    IMHOP, lancer slices are much better than Penzance for my tastes. I have about 4 or 5 pounds of Penzance in the cellar, but instead I just ordered 5 more 500g bags of Lancer Slices. Just over all better flavor for my pallet. Maybe one day I'll auction the Penzance off when I need a new truck.
  5. gecko13

    Cake in the Chamber?

    .... Some prefer to have their cake and eat it too... Oh wait, don't eat the cake, that wont be good.
  6. gecko13

    Memorial Day

    To Our American Hero’s on this Memorial Day 2018 by Dr. D Wayne Beeks "Gecko13" Today is Memorial Day, a day on which we remember and give thanks to all our military men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice in military service of our great nation, both domestically and abroad. It is...
  7. gecko13

    (Review) 4 Noggins Bald Headed Teacher

    I always enjoyed it and have a few ounces tucked away. I wonder why it was dropped? Tied in with McClelland somehow?
  8. gecko13

    Fair Priced Pipe Racks

    Fair priced. Now there is a mud puddle. Pipe racks, decent ones anyway, tend to be pricey. Like all things, the consumer wants good and cheap. In almost all cases those are mutually exclusive. I have seen a few mass produced ones from overseas that are so so, but as has been said, your...
  9. gecko13

    A Quick Cigar Smoker Census, Among Pipers

    I probably smoke 3-4 cigars a week, and have about 600 in my humidors.
  10. gecko13

    McClelland Christmas Cheer Back In Stock!!!

    You're an evil man mister. Good one though.
  11. gecko13

    Bike & Pipe

    @jaytex I had a Valkyrie years ago (1999, bought it new). Was my favorite of all my bikes. Being a big guy (6-5 @300 lbs) it was the only bike I even felt comfortable on. Great ride, balance/handling (for a cruiser), and plenty of power.
  12. gecko13

    Sterlling Tobacco

    I've been meaning to put in an order with you Jack. I should get it to you by next week; probably some tavern and maybe some 1776.
  13. gecko13

    A Message From Mike & Mary McNiel

    The sky is falling. McClelland's 40th Anniversary flake is sold out. (Surprised it took as long as it did.) Luckily I got my 20 tins stashed to resell in 10 years and $100 each. :mrgreen:
  14. gecko13

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2017 Thread!

    My Secret Santa gift. Can't wait to try them. My pneumonia and what ever else came back so I've been in bed for a couple days.
  15. gecko13

    New Member From Arizona

    Where did you go?
  16. gecko13

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2017 Thread!

    Still getting over pneumonia, but I will open and try out my SS gift. Can hardly wait. :puffy:
  17. gecko13

    New Member From Arizona

    Welcome fellow Arizonian. There aren't as many decent pipe shops as there used to be. One of the better stocked shops is located near 24th st and Camelback Rd: Ye Old Tobacco Shoppe, 4525 N 24th St, Ste 110, Phoenix, AZ 85016 This shop also has a pipe group that meets, I think every Thursday...
  18. gecko13

    Red Cake May Be A Thing Of The Past

    How do you really feel Harris? 8O
  19. gecko13

    Red Cake May Be A Thing Of The Past

    Ok, I have 8 ounces.....starting bid $75.00? :worship:
  20. gecko13

    Mold or Magic ? Something Groweth in the Cellar

    @JC I just opened a 6 year jar Stonehaven, and likewise, mine had a lot of "bloom" similar to the pictures. I'm always paranoid, but it tasted fine. It may be me, but the flavors while much more blended and smooth, seemed much lighter than when was fresher. (I'm coming off being sick, so my...