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  1. sfsteves

    What Happened ??

    What happened to the "Island Of Misfit Toys" thread ? Was it considered a problem in some way ? And, if so, why ?
  2. sfsteves

    Spring Forward

    Well, it's Saturday ... and this particular Saturday is the last day before Daylight Savings Time kicks in ... I know, we really don't save anything ... and yes, I HAVE heard the old joke about the old hobo whose blanket was too short, so he cut a foot off the bottom of it and sewed it to the...
  3. sfsteves

    Ultimate Dinner & Smoke Invitation

    If you could invite any one person, either someone who is currently living or who ever lived in this world, to join you for an evening of dinner, a smoke (or two) and conversation, which one person would you invite ... and, briefly, why? (NOTE: For the purposes of the question, it is to be...
  4. sfsteves

    Happy Birthday, Pruss

    Best wishes for a great birthday and for many happy returns of the day ... be sure to let us know how you celebrated the BIG day ...
  5. sfsteves

    So ... Where DOES That Leave Him ??

    According to a story in the October 8 issue of The Findlay Courier (Findlay, Ohio), an Ohio judge turned down a petition by Donald Miller Jr., asking that he be ruled "alive." "You're still deceased as far as the law is concerned," Probate Judge Allan Davis told him because state law requires...
  6. sfsteves

    Senseless in Seattle

    According to KCPQ-TV (Seattle), the Seattle City Council voted in October to seize a waterfront parking lot by eminent domain from the 103-year-old owner after negotiations to buy the property on the open market broke down. The state is funding a six-year tunnel-digging project in the area, and...
  7. sfsteves

    Happy Birthday to Cigrmaster

    Ty Cobb, Steven Spielberg, comedian Ron White, Ray Liotta, Kiefer Sutherland are among quite a list of others who share your day ... Best wishes for a very happy one, sir ... and for many great returns of the day ...
  8. sfsteves

    Least Competent Criminals

    LAKE WORTH, Fla., Nov. 6 (UPI) Police in Florida said a burglary suspect was identified when he allegedly left his cellphone at the scene and his mom called while police were investigating. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said deputies were at the scene of a burglary Thursday in Lake...
  9. sfsteves

    Home Alone

    well, I see I'm all alone in the fourm ... guess it's time to turn off the lights and save on Kevin's electric bill ...
  10. sfsteves

    Need A Laugh ??

    Saw this picture on the Letterman show the other night and thought it quite amusing ...
  11. sfsteves

    Who Forgot To Set Their Clocks Back? (USA)

    For those living in the US, daylight savings time ended at 2am, local time this morning. For those who forgot to set their clocks back (show of hands), how long did it take you to realize you were an hour early this morning?
  12. sfsteves

    Davidoff Red Mixture

    Good stuff or ???
  13. sfsteves

    The Pipe Guys

    Has anyone here ever done business with an Internet retailer called The Pipe Guys ? If so, what was your experience like ?
  14. sfsteves

    Personal Blends ?

    I began smoking pipes years ago, then allowed them to languish for quite a while after the original Three Nuns went away. I had always enjoyed a good cigar but after I couldn't find a blend I liked, began smoking cigars exclusively and paid little attention to available pipe blends. The rising...
  15. sfsteves

    Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

    Hello ... I'm Steve New to this forum, but a longtime smoker of both pipes and cigars. I spent more than a few years on a cigars only diet, but have recently renewed my affair with briar and leaf ... my preference is for a full, mature Virginia mixed with Perique and I'm currently exploring...