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  1. surfmac211

    Been Gone for a While

    Hey guys been gone for the last month or so. I flew to Arizona for a couple months and left all my pipe stuff back at home. I've been smoking a lot of cigars as of late, but finally got my wife to send out my pipes. Smoking a bowl of Penzance in my Pete as we speak and lovin life. I notice a ton...
  2. surfmac211

    Use this for that "crappy" tobacco.

    I stopped looking on ebay for pipes the last few months, but hopped on and found this one. hahaha
  3. surfmac211

    New Peterson Pipe Lighters

    Anyone have any word on when these will be hitting the shelves?
  4. surfmac211

    Peterson Molly Malone

    Have any of you guys bought or looking very hard at the new Molly Malone series of Petes. I think I might pull the trigger in the next day or so.
  5. surfmac211

    Going to Nashville

    Hey guys I'm heading to Nashville tomorrow for a couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for cigar bars/B&M's while I'm up there. Also, I have been there several times but any good restaurant recommendations would be nice as well.
  6. surfmac211


    I have had a real bad sinus infection the last month and haven't been able to smoke at all until yesterday. I got Nightcap close to 3 months ago now and never got around to smoking it until last night. Man this stuff is great. My big question is though how does it compare to the old Nightcap?
  7. surfmac211

    This is really sad.

    Can anyone tell me how this is legal? This is really getting pathetic.
  8. surfmac211

    1792 Kicked My A$%

    Last night was my first experience with 1792 flake and needless to say I barely made it out alive. First mistake was I lit it up in probably a bigger bowl than I should have because I was feeling cocky. Next mistake(which is probably why I was feeling cocky) I had already had a glass of Walker...
  9. surfmac211

    Favorite Shape

    What shapes are yall a sucker to buy every time you see one presented well? For me its a Prince/Apple shape, which I never see too many of anymore. This is my Dunhill prince that I love. Great little flake pipe too.
  10. surfmac211

    Peterson Christmas Series

    Anyone know when exactly the Peterson Christmas pipe and Tobacco are going to be released this year. I'm itching to find out and get ready to purchase them.
  11. surfmac211

    A Chocolate Chip Epiphany?

    Ok so I have been smoking this blend of McClellands Pastry and McClellands Eastern Carolina Ribbon that I stole from smoking pipes website and have really enjoyed it as a sweet smoke; however I have been stumped on what the smell and taste reminded me of. I let my wife take a whiff and she too...
  12. surfmac211

    Villiger 1888: Early Day

    I just got this in today and went ahead and lit this up before I head to work. I personally think this is a great Danish style English. To me I think its a nice blend for people wanting to get into more English style blends without jumping straight in. It is kinda light on the latakia, but...
  13. surfmac211

    The Breath Smoking Technique

    Breath Smoking Have anyone of you herd of this technique? Have you tried it? I been kinda experimenting with it but find it pretty difficult for me. Might be I still don't full understand it.
  14. surfmac211

    Peterson Cigars

    Well I know this isn't a pipe topic, but seeing how we got some people with a lot of knowledge about Peterson and cigars I figured I ask. Does anyone know where the heck to purchase Peterson cigars? I can't seem to find them ANYWHERE. If anyone has any whereabouts let me know been wanting to at...
  15. surfmac211

    Peterson Summertime Blend 2010

    I just picked up a tin of this stuff on and was wondering if anyone has tried it out yet. I also picked up some Cornell and Diehl Apricots and Cream to try out. If anyone has tried anyone one of these out yet let me know.
  16. surfmac211


    If only I could afford this pipe I would have my dream pipe!!! Tokutomi
  17. surfmac211

    Morning Pipe

    This morning I woke up at 5:30 poured me a cup of black coffee and packed a bowl of Mellow Mack. I have only tried this blend once since I got it and enjoyed it, but this time it was a different experience. For the first time in a long time I was able to just sit back and not think about a care...
  18. surfmac211

    Dan Tobacco

    For those of you who enjoy the Dan Tobacco both and have some back in stock. I went ahead and got some Sweet Vanilla Honeydew, Blue Note, and Galway. Still waiting to see DaVinci and Limerick back on the shelves though. They also still are out of any of their...
  19. surfmac211

    MacArthur Pipe Fans?

    I was looking around on and check out this pipe I came across. Not familiar with the brand to much but some of you that attended the Chicago pipe show might be. SmokingPipes
  20. surfmac211


    Hey does Florida have any type of pipe charter? If so could someone give me a link to the site I have no clue.