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  1. crk69

    1st Pipe Purchase of 2013

    Just bought this off the bay.. Mario Grandi Giant Full Bent Oom Paul. Was looking to get another Oom Paul and this one just spoke to me, not to mention it's Huge!! Well on to the pics... Credit for the pics goes to the original seller..
  2. crk69

    My December Purchases

    Well, finally got that last of my December purchases in and thought I would share... Starting with the baccy.. And now the pipes.. Mr. Brog XOLw Jobey Sunburst Cherrywood Poker - American manufacture(estate) Savinelli Baronet Bruyere #814XL 1991 Peterson Donegal Rocky XL264 (estate)
  3. crk69

    My Newest Ebay acquisition

    Here is my latest estate pipe acquisition. A Knute of Denmark Straightgrain *F*, the seller also threw in the ceramic pipe stand in the deal. Got both for $80 shipped to my door... Here's the pics... This brings me up to a grand total of 43 pipes, and 6 pipe stands... Need more room...
  4. crk69

    Pad strikes again...

    Well, just ordered a Neerup sandblasted calabash and 6 pipe round stand.... Gotta stop the madness someday, but not yet :twisted: Will post pics of the new pipe when it arrives...
  5. crk69

    New Estate Purchase

    Picked this up yesterday at my local B&M... A Ben Wade Intermezzo *B*, not for certain but I think Preben Holm era (My first Ben Wade). The pipe had been very gently smoked, and the stem had some minor chatter only that micro mesh buffed off nicely. It had been on consignment for several weeks...
  6. crk69

    New Tad and Pad arrival

    Got an estate Joh's sandblasted bent billiard, a tin of Black House, and a tin of Deep Hollow in today from SPC... Had to try the Black House since everybody was raving about it.. Smoked my first bowl in my PM2012... Must say I think I am now a Black House convert!!!
  7. crk69

    100th post..

    Well, just made my 100th post, look forward to many more and great conversations with you guys and girls..
  8. crk69

    Tad and Pad purchases for the day..

    Well this is my first attempt at posting photos so here goes, my tobacco and new pipe purchase for the day..
  9. crk69

    Double B Cigar Company

    Hi Gang, The Double B Cigar Company in Marble Falls Texas carries both cigars and pipes and accesories... I make weekly trips to the store, and Owner Mark Brown is both knowledgeable and friendly.
  10. crk69

    Hill Country pipe smokers

    Are there any Hill Country pipe smokers in Texas?? Live in the Kingsland area and would be intereseted in a club/meeting....