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  1. badlandsjay

    Question about BBBs....

    My camera sucks, but is that the norm for these? Or is that stuck in there? One pipe lot and Two of em were something foreign to me. The stem looks like it takes a 6mm filter. You guys always come through with the info.!!
  2. badlandsjay

    New Peterson..Help..

    Got this Peterson as part of an insanely low priced lot. Buuut. Tried finding info on it..just tired of clicking. Can anyone help?
  3. badlandsjay

    Pipe lot Score

    So I head to this place to get the cats clipped. They're running a special so I show up early and wait in line. There's a guy standing there and I'm like this dude looks like he can talk my ear off, I don't wanna BS. Ugh. Don't care. I wanna drop these f!? $ers off and go. So the guy starts...
  4. badlandsjay

    Thank YOU ALL

    First of all, I'd like to say thanks to all of you that helped me on this pipe hobby of mine. You don't know you helped, but you did. Whenever I had questions or issues I always resorted to these forums for answers. I wanted to join for awhile, but you know, Internet, sign ups, email checks...