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  1. swhipple

    Pipe Smoking in Hong Kong, A Brief Trip Report

    I recently returned from a 2 week trip to Hong Kong with a 1 week trip to Huizhou China in the middle of that. I thought I'd write a trip report for the enjoyment or perhaps boredom of everyone here and maybe share a few pictures as well. I took a empty 50gram tin filled about 1/2 way with...
  2. swhipple

    Pipe Smoking in Hong Kong?

    It looks like I'll get the chance to be in Hong Kong for 4 or 5 days here in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if any one here has experience in the city. Any tobacco shops worth a visit? What's is the state of smoking in the city? I've read a few things and it sounds like the city might...
  3. swhipple

    Lucky Ebay Finds

    I've been wanting to learn how to restore pipes so I thought I'd buy a lot of junky looking pipes on Ebay and use them to practice on. That way if I completely destroy them it won't be a valuable antique. I choose the lot I ended up purchasing for 2 reasons. 1)There were no old cobs included and...
  4. swhipple

    Smoking Pipes Rocks

    Placed an unplanned TAD order yesterday with thanks to the 10% IPSD discount. Got my order today around noon. Of course it helps that I live just across the border in NC. Been wanting to try several of these blends for awhile and some are just to add the cellar.
  5. swhipple

    New Location For Anstead's Tobacco Company in Fayetteville NC

    I just visited the new location of Anstead's Tobacco Company in Fayetteville NC. They were in the local mall and have very recently moved to a stand alone location on nearby Mcpherson church road. The old store was cramped and was about typical of many mall tobacconists. The new location has...
  6. swhipple

    Anyone else like Longchamp pipes?

    I bought a pair of Longchamp leather wrapped pipes last year on EBay to give to Dad for Christmas. Well one was rougher than it looked in the pictures so I gave him the good one and kept the ugly one. I smoked it a few times but I didn't really care for it. At the time I was mostly smoking...
  7. swhipple

    A Pipe for Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! Santa was good to me this year and he brought me a nice Cassano poker style pipe. Now I have a few a quiet space between opening presents and the relatives arriving for Christmas lunch. So I'm on the back deck enjoying the cool morning with my new pipe a mild English...