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  1. Mr.Mike

    7 Days...

    Placed an order with smoking pipes 7 days ago, still not here. The only update was on the 25. "Your package is in transit" No shit. This surepost crap really sucks. Does 4 noggins use sure post? I think I may switch to another merchant.
  2. Mr.Mike

    2 Daughters Tobacco

    Ok, so I finally got around to trying 2 of their offerings after eyeing them for a good while. The amount of polarizing reviews is what kept me away until I pulled the trigger. The two blends I went with are Rimboche and Rowland Silver. First, I'm going to address the two most often seen...
  3. Mr.Mike

    Acrid Ash

    Upon the recommendation of @chasingembers in a post awhile back, I dumped my ashes before relighting a pipe that had been sitting for a bit. This not only did the trick to get rid of bad tastes for pipes I had set down for a few hours, but also smokes that seem to start going acrid 3/4 of the...
  4. Mr.Mike

    DARN IT!

    I like to browse tobacco on SP while on lunch at work. Today, just for fun, I clicked on G&H and, holy shit, best brown#2 was in stock. I added it to the cart, and proceeded to add a few other things to get the most out of the shipping. By the time I went to check out, (2 mins after adding best...
  5. Mr.Mike

    A Silver Lining

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob With everything that's going on right now, it's probably safe to say attacking online tobacco sales will be put on hold for awhile. I think any legislation that hurts any kind of business after this economic catastrophi will be quickly...
  6. Mr.Mike

    Senior Member

    So I guess now I'm a "senior" member. I guess I'll go play some bingo, wear elastic pants up to my nipples, and yell at people to get off my lawn. It's actually a dream come true.
  7. Mr.Mike

    4th Generation 1931 Flake

    This was a new arrival last week and I can't put this stuff down! I bought the 3.5 oz tin and I wish they offered it in a pound bag like Mac barens offerings. I have seen reviewers liken this to Mac barens navy flake, but better. I haven't had their navy flake and would like to hear an opinion...
  8. Mr.Mike

    HH Old Dark Fired... First Impressions.

    I purchased this tobacco in an attempt to come out of my comfort zone (mostly a VA/Per smoker). I was a little hesitant, my experiences in the past with Fuller and stronger blends (triple play and Jack knife plug for instance) have been good on taste, but not good on the nic hit. Upon opening...
  9. Mr.Mike

    WDC Wellington Estate

    Got this Wellington Estate from eBay in the mail today. I've always liked the shape of these pipes, particularly that "wellington" stem. Finally found one I wanted and cleaned it up today. It was in pretty good shape, normal cleaning stuff. It has some dings here and there around the bowl, and a...
  10. Mr.Mike

    An Unexpected Surprise

    So last night I went to smoke and was too impatient to dry out my flake on a napkin like I normally do, so I put it on top of my coal stove (I heat with coal) After 5 mins it was almost bone dry and quite warm. It was arguably the best smoke I ever had. Flavor like I never had. I have seen the...
  11. Mr.Mike

    What Your Pipes Smell Like?

    As the title implies, I'd like to hear from other members how the empty bowls of your pipes smell, or how you feel they should smell. Id like to think I'm about average in cleaning habits. After a smoke, I run a pipe cleaner through the stem and into the bowl, "ream" the bowl with paper towel...
  12. Mr.Mike

    Adjustomatic Stems

    Just wondering, although they are not military mounts, can adjustomatic pipes be broken down while hot? They technically are reinforced on the inside after all.
  13. Mr.Mike

    Handing The Pipe Down

    As my pipe smoking hobby progresses through time, and my kids get older, I'm often stricken with some cognitive dissonance. As a father, culture tells me I don't want my kids to use tobacco. As a pipe smoker, the idea of handing my first pipe down to one of my children is heartwarming and...
  14. Mr.Mike

    Who Else Still Burns Coal?

    Now that it's heating season up here in the north east, I've fired up the coal stoker. I live in North east Pennsylvania so basically the coal capital of the world, so clean burning anthracite is easily accessible to me. Anyone else out there still burns coal for heat? EDIT: Fixed...
  15. Mr.Mike

    Let's See Those Beat Up Old Faithfuls!

    Hi guys! New to the forum, and rather then start posting tons of pics of shiny pipes, I'll share my beat up old grabow I smoke every morning on my way to work. It's reamed uneven, it's finish has been gone since the dinosaurs, and there's a divit in the stem that fits my tooth perfectly! Comfy...