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    What tobaccos did the great men smoke?

    Tolkien...Einstein...Davis...Twain. What kind of tobacco do you think (or know) they smoked? --Skagit 8)
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    Recommended author whilst smoking - O. Henry

    I rather enjoy sitting on the front porch and reading while I smoke, and I thought I would pass on an author recommendation in case someone else is looking for something to read. O. Henry writes almost exclusively in the short story format. His stories are light, witty, and very entertaining...
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    I don't inhale but have chest congestion?

    Hey guys- So I'm still really new to this, and I tell myself I don't inhale, but my chest is kinda telling me otherwise. Am I doing something wrong or do you typically have chest congestion after you smoke? All of you who responded to my other thread from a few days ago in the beginner...
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    New guy...hi there!

    It was probably bad form, but I put this on the "free pipe thread" when I should have probably started here, and then begged for free stuff. :wink: Anyway, here I am in the proper section. Hi! I'm way new to this...started at the end of December. I got a $4 Missouri Meerschaum Ozark as an...