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  1. C

    Dunhill Einstein Pipe

    Anyone know where I Can find one at? Thanks either way
  2. C

    Lets Have Some fun.

    Name one blend, that you have never tried, (vintage) that you would love to try just one time. Maybe it's because it costs too much, or you can't find it, even if you had the money. Mine would be a blend made by Sobranie, Yenidje. I saw a tin go on ebay last year from pipestud, but t sold for...
  3. C

    What Vintage Tin did You Open Tonight?

    I'd like to start a thread, telling us about the latest vintage tin you open. Doesn't matter how old, just some age on it, be it 2 years or 70. I'll start. I couldn't decide what to smoke, too many options that get overwhelming at times. So I opened some 30 year old Garfinkel Ridgeway, a nice...
  4. C

    I Hit the Dunhill Jackpot.

    So, in my spare spare time, I spend I looking for vintage tins of tobaccos I love or think I will love. It has proven oh so fruitful time and time again, but never like it did over the past two days. A source, who shall remain unnamed and tools weeks of prying to ind, I have hit the Dunhill...
  5. C

    Old Ironsides at Sp

    Smokingpipes has it. Ordered my replenishment so I suggest you do the same. There were only 76 tins left before I ordered 10
  6. C

    The Key to Getting Hard to Find Pipe

    Hi folks, I see alot of articles and posts about someone not being able to get a certain tobacco, or maybe a certain artisan pipe who sells out before he lists a pipe. I never understood this. When I smoked penzance and stone haven, I acquired pounds in a matter of weeks, being diligent in my...
  7. C

    Cornelius Manz, German chocolate, and some Exotique

    Today, was a very special day. I received three items I was waiting on. The first, was my new Manz pipe. A wonderful little blowfish-esque sandblasted pipe, and with it some wonderful bars of German chocolate, aka "schokolade". One milk chocolate and two charities of some bitter dark. I know...
  8. C

    Chonowitsch Acquisition

    I have waited patiently for one of his pipes. Had to pass on some that I didn't love. Had to look past ones I loved but were sold. The stars aligned, and this pipe looks like it will song with some Exotique or Durbar.
  9. C

    Waiting Game...

    I hate it. You order something, and then you wait. Depending in where its from, maybe 2 days, maybe 10. I bough a Cornelius Manz, tomorrow will be day 8, not too bad for international, but still stinks. I also ordered some Smokershavens blends, should be here in a day or two, still stinks. How...
  10. C

    GLP Union Square- Review

    Where to start. First off, I smoke primarily Va tobaccos. FvF, OGS, BB, DF, Mcclelland organic, Christmas Cheer, you get the point. Take my review for what it's worth to you. I smoked this in a roush, dedicated to Va's. When you open the tin, you get the usual Pease presentation. No news to...
  11. C

    Those One Off Smokes...

    I didn't get to smoke yesterday. Long story short, wound up at the hospital with my better half, pregnancy no more. Didn't sleep all night as I had to get our 18mth old from my parents at 5am, had to leave for work by 645. Long day, I get home, the little one gets to sleep, and I load a bowl...
  12. C

    Where to trade a pipe for some tobacco

    Good afternoon guys, Do any major retailers trade pipes for tobacco? I am looking to unload one of my two pipes, for some tins, and not sure where to start at. Thanks in advance for any help.