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  1. mkelaw

    Ferndown No Star pipes

    Just took in three unsmoked Ferndowns Barks that I'll be selling. All are quite large. None have stars designating size. Never seen a Ferndown Bark without stars. Can anyone edify me? Thanks, D.
  2. mkelaw

    Les Wood "Star" pipe

    Bought a number of pipes that include a Les Wood Star. Not a Ferndown - just a Star. Silver spigot. My research has turned up nothing. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. mkelaw

    Mkelaw-Pipes.Com - Several great English estates posted

    Lots of excellent English estates have been put up on the website in the last two or three days. They include several nice Dunhills, a couple of Willmer Straight Grains, Charatans and Petersons. Check them out at Dave
  4. mkelaw

    15% Off Everything Sale at ends soon

    All good things must come to an end and my 15% off everything sale is no exception. When the big, glass ball comes down on Times Square, it's over, so don't forget to stop by and check out a great selection of estates and pipes by Dave Neeb. Happy New Year to All! Mkelaw-Pipes.Com
  5. mkelaw

    15% Off Everything Sale at Continues

    Hi Everyone: The current 15% off everything on the site continues. Pipes already reduced by 15% don't qualify for an additional discount. There lots of high grade estates right on down to starter pipes. Because I'm currently away from home for the Holidays, pipes will not be delivered until...
  6. mkelaw

    15% Off Everything Holiday Sale at

    Hi Everyone: My 15% Off Everything sale has now been announced on the website. If you're in the market, don't delay and avoid disappointment. Everything other than pipes already discounted is included. There are a number of unsmoked Comoy's Christmas pipes with original stands on the New &...
  7. mkelaw

    Mkelaw Pipes - Website Issues

    I wanted to let everyone know that I've been having some serious problems with my website for the last month. At the moment, I can't post any new pipes and I can't even mark a pipe sold. So, if you try to buy a pipe and the paypal system won't run the transaction, that's the problem. I'll...
  8. mkelaw

    Orphan Pipe

    I sold a pipe to a fellow at the Chicago Show. It hadn't been cleaned internally and I told him that I'd be happy to take it with me, clean it and then send it to him. Either we both forgot to exchange contact information or I misplaced his. I don't know where to send it and he hasn't...
  9. mkelaw 10% Off Everything - Sale Ending

    Hi Everyone: All good things must come to an end. My 10% off everything sale will end this Sunday night, March 16. Thanks to all who participated. Dave
  10. mkelaw - 10% Off Thank You Sale

    Hi Everyone: As a way of thanking all of you for your patronage, I'm having a 10% off sale on everything on the site (which is absolutely loaded at the moment. Right now, this sale is for people on my mailing list and members of this forum only. I hope you'll stop by and take a look...
  11. mkelaw - Lots of Fresh Estates

    Hi Everyone: I took in a new collection of really nice pipes about three weeks ago and have been getting them up on the site as fast as I can. Most are on the English page. Lots of Dunhills and Charatans. Also, new Ultimate Cobs from Ricco Santia on the New/Unsmoked page and a couple of new...
  12. mkelaw Holiday Sale - 10% off Everything!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! From now until December 12 Everything at is 10% off the original stated price. Only pipes that are Five Star Specials and already 15% off are not included. For advance notice of sales like this, sign up for my mailing list. Also, please note...
  13. mkelaw

    Cavicchi Pipes

    I have a customer who is looking for unsmoked, smooth Cavicchis 1C, 2C and 5C. is showing nothing but 3C and 4C's with lesser priced pipes unmarked with any C's. Anyone know if they stopped marking 1 or 2C's. Also, if anyone has any that I'm looking for, please let me know.
  14. mkelaw

    Fresh Pipes at

    I've been posting fresh pipes on a daily basis (almost - a guy's gotta play golf sometime). Stop by and check them out. Lots of new Five Starred sales pipes on the English page (15% off) Finally, first notice of newly posted pipes goes to those on my mailing list. There's...
  15. mkelaw

    Lots of Fresh Pipes at Mkelaw-Pipes.Com

    Hi Everyone: Between making pipes, the Chicago Show and all the duties and obligations of real life, I've been behind the 8 Ball as far as getting new estates up on the site. But there are now about 35 fresh estates up on the website for your consideration. Estate Meers are 30% off and there...
  16. mkelaw

    Unsmoked Cavicchi 1 C wanted

    I have a good customer looking for an unsmoked Cavicchi One C non-filter. If any of you have one that you would consider selling, I will put you in contact with him. Thanks! Dave
  17. mkelaw

    White Sale at

    No, I haven't begun selling sheets and pillow cases. I've marked down all pre-smoked meerschaums 30% and listed several unsmoked meers at VERY reasonable prices. I sent this out to my mailing list yesterday and four have been sold already. Please consider signing up for my mailing list if you...
  18. mkelaw

    Lots of Fresh Pipes at Mkelaw-Pipes.Com

    Restoring pipes is fun and rewarding. Photographing them and putting them on the website is pure drudgery. Yes, I've been remiss but have been inspired by a great bunch of estates that came in a couple of weeks ago. Lots of Dunhills, some nice Petersons and a bunch or other nice ones are now...
  19. mkelaw

    Dunhill Christmas Pipe Questiion

    Anyone know whether Dunhill always included a tamper with their Christmas pipes or just started with the 10 days of Christmas series?
  20. mkelaw

    Tsuge Kaga Question

    I'm selling a Tsuge Kaga for a consignor and trying to put a price on it. It's really a gorgeous piece, nicely designed and executed, made from flawless, well grained briar and of average size. Kagas are selling new for around $70 online. I asked my consignor about it and he tells me he paid...