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  1. swhipple

    What is Your "Unicorn" Pipe?

    Not really a Unicorn because you can find them occasionally, but I'd love to own a sea urchin pipe from Northern Briars.
  2. swhipple

    21st Annual TAPS Pipe Show - Raleigh, NC - April 7, 2018

    I hope to get to the show this year. I've attended in the past and I've always enjoyed it. The past couple of years I've been out of town for one reason or another and haven't made it. It always seems like a nice friendly show to me, so it's on my calendar.
  3. swhipple

    Kudos for Distributon, Availability

    But, but, but this is an internet forum. This venue is tailor made for creating and then chasing unicorn blends. :) I tend to agree with you MSO, I do truly appreciate the blenders that make great quality products in sufficient quantity to supply demand. I don't mind the occasional Unicorn hunt...
  4. swhipple

    Star Wars 8

    I'm 48, so I saw the first Star wars when I was a kid and it had a huge influence on my childhood. I think this movie was intentionally aimed at younger fans and purposely written as a big F you to folks like me. It will probably be the last one I'll see in the movie theatre. You can treat me...
  5. swhipple

    Happy Owlidays

    Great pictures snowy owl! I love the image you capture as the owl was taking flight, I love seeing the details of the feathers in the wing.
  6. swhipple

    How Many Bowls Per Day? Yeah Yeah I Know It's Been Asked Before

    I usually smoke 1 - 3 bowls a day depending on what I'm doing, etc.
  7. swhipple

    Smoking The Best Is Not Expensive

    I knew I was saving money by smoking a pipe and Harris just did the math for me. Wait till I show this to my wife :D Now she will never complain when the boxed show up from smoking pipes. Oh and out of all the tobaccos you mentioned. I actually prefer LBF, although I have Escudo and Capstan in...
  8. swhipple

    Veteran Parking!

    I've seen the veteran parking signs at our local Harris Teeter as well and I'm not sure how I really feel about them. On one hand as a veteran I appreciate the thought, but on the other hand my cynical side thinks it just some corporate suits idea of a way to generate good will with no real...
  9. swhipple

    I know I said I was done with Calabash pipes but

    That is a fantastic pipe there!! Trevor Talbert makes fantastic pipes. The fit and finish on his low end "Ligne Bretagne" line is excellent, I can only imagine how nicely a high end work like your calabash would be finished. Glad to see you keeping it smoky!
  10. swhipple

    PM Member Shaintiques Honored at CPCC

    Well deserved!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  11. swhipple

    Tobacco first love

    I'll tell you a sad tale of my first tobacco love. It was a brief affair followed by years of loss and yearning. Like many people, when I was a new pipe smoker I smoked aromatics. One day, I picked up an aromatic blend at a local B&M. They called it Black Dane or something similar, knowing what...
  12. swhipple

    Spanish Tobacco In 1612 Chesapeake.

    I wonder if I could work the deal it reverse? She's not "young" anymore so I'd be willing to take 60lbs of tobacco for her. :) I kid, I kid.
  13. swhipple

    Best Customer Service In The World

    No one I've dealt with in the online tobacconist realm has better customer service. Wlrountree, your story makes me think I need to make a trip to their B&M sometime soon. It's not that far (3 hours?) I'm just not sure my budget would survive a shop as you describe.
  14. swhipple

    Old Man And Old Pipe

    Aimless: Love your post and agree with it whole heartedly! Pipe smoking is one of those things we do that the only wrong way to do it is if you don't enjoy it.
  15. swhipple

    My Wife's Gonna Retire. So Im Gonna Find A Job.

    I understand where you are at but I'd offer a different option. If money isn't the issue, it's time to think about retirement. That doesn't mean you have to sit at the house all day and stare at the wife, it just means it's time to do what you WANT to do. Think of those things you've always...
  16. swhipple

    Who'd Want To Be A Celebrity?

    I'd have to say I prefer anonymity. The closest I've ever been to being famous was when I owned a unique car. I bought a 2000 Acura Integra Type R when they first came out. It was bright yellow and stood out like a beacon. At the time, it was "The" car among the "Import" car crowd. Every...
  17. swhipple

    Pipe Babe Gina Roode's New Music Video With Pipe Smoking

    Wonderful song, nicely performed. I love her voice. Quite a talented lady there. I'd share my cellar with her. :-)
  18. swhipple

    FDA Draft Guidance on the Prohibition of Distributing Free Samples

    I scanned through the guidance and as far as I can see it just says you have to sell the samples. 1 cent or 1 dollar samples seem the way to go.
  19. swhipple

    Securty Took my Tamp Away

    Hope your daughter recovers well. Being in an auto accident can be traumatic, I'd imagine being the parent of someone in a auto accident is pretty traumatic as well. Sorry to hear about the tamper. It probably went home with the security guard just because it was "shiny". On one hand I get the...
  20. swhipple

    Right Now

    To heck with that. I know for a fact there are nice girls who live in warmer climates. :D Just kidding. Wish you and your future wife all the best in the future.