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  1. newportpipe

    Family Approved Indoor Smoking Blends?

    The big boss (wife) gave me permission to smoke in my newly created man cave. Unfortunately, we don't have a basement so, the room is off the master-bedroom upstairs. I'd imagine Latakia-heavy blends are a no-go (known to my wife as "burnt" smelling). Are there others that are nice, full smokes...
  2. newportpipe

    PA Instead of CH...

    My latest order to SPC was for tobaccos to help me drastically reduce the amount of cigarettes I’ve been smoking during stay at home orders. I ordered Ryback, CH, and a tub of Lane Ready Rubbed. When I opened my order there was a small box of PA and no CH. I understand things happen. I know PA...
  3. newportpipe

    MM Fun!

    My MM Cobs with “New” Stems! Mixture = SWRA + FMC
  4. newportpipe

    Distinguished Gentleman Help

    I have an old (1938) estate Kaywoodie “Suntan” bent, stacked billiard “drinkless” pipe (Group 3 appx.) that I’ve been waiting to try. I wanted to put something old school in it to smoke. I ordered a tin of DG and Edward G Robinson. I couldn’t resist opening the DG first. The issue I’m having...
  5. newportpipe

    Ken Byron Tabacco Sellers?

    I’m just now learning about this new brand. People really seem to like them! I went to the website and everything is pretty much sold out. Does anyone else carry it? I can’t find it doing an online search. I’m interested in Sakura and English Fragrant. Thank you.
  6. newportpipe

    Dang! I Missed Pipestud’s Grand Re-opening!

    Everything is sold out! Been waiting for months for the re-opening but, decided to have a lazy morning and missed out. Hopefully, some of you scored some good stuff. You snooze, you lose as they say ;)
  7. newportpipe

    Squadron Leader: Shot Down

    Several months ago, I took a flyer on two 250g boxes of SG SL long forgotten in a cigar shop. Today, I thought I’d try it out. I removed the plastic and opened the box and removed the plastic baggie only to discover that the tobacco had been completely dried out. Like, really dried out. No...
  8. newportpipe

    Jar square tins for ageing?

    I’ve read somewhere around here about the “less than ideal” seal on square tins. I have quite a few square tins set aside for ageing/smoking at a later date and now I’m wondering if I should jar them. Am I paranoid or, is jarring a hedge against disappointing discoveries months and years later? 8O
  9. newportpipe

    Ennerdale Flake tips & advice

    I ordered an 8oz. bulk bag of Ennerdale Flake based on wanting to try Lakeland Tobaccos for the first time. What I’m anticipating: 1. It will ghost anything it touches. 2. It’s fairly strong in Vitamin N. 3. I’ll either love it or hate it. My plan is to use a cob and if I like it, dedicate a...
  10. newportpipe

    Smoker’s Haven Tins Pre-order :: Shipping begins 8/29

    Looks like all the Germain’s faves minus Krumble Kake are available for pre-order. Shipping 8/29. Limited quantities. Disclosure: I am not affiliated with SH :puffy:
  11. newportpipe

    Germain’s Tin Dating

    Picked up two tins with 22A061 and 22A021. I’ve looked around and can’t find a cheat sheet on deciphering date codes. Any help is appreciated.
  12. newportpipe

    Presbyterian Mix: Determining Age...

    So, I came across three sealed tins of Presby in my cellar. I picked them up in 2006 (and one later). Two have the silkscreened blue lids with "Manufactured in West Germany for William P. Solomon, London" on the lid. To my knowledge, German unification occurred in 1990. They can't be that old...