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  1. skaukatt

    Broken Pipe - Sam Barnett - NY Pipe Show Co-Host

    More sad news from NYC... I am certain many of you are familiar with NYC staple, Sam Barnett, co-host with Rich Esserman of the long running NY Pipe Show, has sadly, passed away. The following is from Rich Esserman from his Facebook post: Rich Esserman posted this tonight. Broken Pipe - Sam...
  2. skaukatt

    Poignant Antique Store Find...

    Well, it's befitting that on the day after I learned of the untimely and unbelievable passing of my first friend and dear brother, Dan Silverstone, from the NY Pipe Club, that I would happen upon and, chance wander (like the walking dead after finding out about his passing) into an antique store...
  3. skaukatt

    Broken Pipe... NYPC Member, Dan Silverstone

    BROKEN PIPE!!! You better sit down - For those who knew this kind man... I posted this to our Club members and our Facebook page and thought I'd do the same here as many of you here knew Dan from the NY Show and more recently, Chicago. It is with the deepest sadness and sorrow that I report this...
  4. skaukatt

    2018 NYPC 10th Annual Summer BBQ

    If fate finds you in my fair City, needless to say, all are welcome! 2018 NYPC 10th Annual Summer BBQ Invite
  5. skaukatt

    2018 NYPC 10th Annual Summer BBQ

    If fate finds you in my fair city, needless to say, as always, all are welcome! 2018 NYPC 10th Annual Summer BBQ Invite
  6. skaukatt

    2018 NYPC 10th Annual Summer BBQ

    If fate finds you in my fair city, needless to say, as always, all are welcome! 2018 NY PIpe Club 10th Annual Summer BBQ
  7. skaukatt

    The Elusive Dunhill CK 1950 Pat.

    Well, Chicago truned out top be quite productive for me. I have been searching for quite a while for the elusive CK as I have been adding some Author shapes to my collection. I've seen a few on ebay but haven't been so lucky enough to win one, I went to Chicago in the hopes of at least seeing...
  8. skaukatt

    Peterson Tankard

    The other day someone was posting about trying to decide upon a Tankard shaped pipe. Well, I found one for you and not only is the price right you will be helping out an artist in our midst. Take a look here, 14 pipes down the page:
  9. skaukatt

    Kaywoodie Pipe Podcast Consideration

    Hi Brian, I'm not sure if you ever saw my message to you on FB back in Dec.2017 about this but trust me when I tell you that you really need to consider this opportunity. I wanted to tip you off to, in my opinion, a great candidate for a podcast. Back in December I attended the annual...
  10. skaukatt

    Yunus Carved Vikings

    In 1985 I purchased a Yunus carved Viking figural from a local shop here in Queens, NYC. Being a Minnesota Vikings fan it was a must have and I've been smoking it each Sunday during the games. Thirty five years later Mr. Yunus Ege made me another Viking carved meerschaum which was brokered by...
  11. skaukatt

    Extreme Bent Stem Cleaning Issue

    Here’s the condensed story, read on below for the entire story if you are bored and have time… I have a pipe with a stem that has an extreme bend, almost a 90 which has caused two stems to develop “break through” holes due to the cleaner hitting at the bend and scraping against the interior...
  12. skaukatt

    House of Calabash - Eva's Announcement

    I didn't see any posts about this except for the video on Facebook. I couldn't help but post this since Eva's video message is a real heart wrencher. I have never smoked Mr. Books tobaccos and only found out about them at a long past Chicago Show. As you know I am sure, Steven Books passed...
  13. skaukatt

    IPSD 2017

    All are welcome if fate finds you in our fair City! Please be sure to join your New York Pipe Club as we celebrate our Tenth Annual International Pipe Smoking Day (IPSD) Celebration! Celebrated the world over officially on February 20th, our event, this year will actually take place on Saturday...
  14. skaukatt

    Barclay Rex NYC 42nd St. Gone Goodbye...

    From one of my NY Pipe Club Brothers: "Sad news to report. Barclay Rex tobacco shop on 42nd Street is closing their doors." and "They wanted to triple their rent. Sad news ---now there is only Nat Sherman & Davidoff in Midtown." and good news from another: "Their new store downtown is opened...
  15. skaukatt

    NYPC 8th Annual Summer BBQ

    If fate finds you in our fair City (Nassau County, Long Island, to be more precise), you are more than welcome to stop by and join us at our Club's BBQ in Lynbrook, Long Island. All the details can be found here:
  16. skaukatt

    Dennis' Charatan - All's Well That Ends Well Thank Goodness!!!

    Dennis' Charatan - All's Well That Ends Well Thank Goodness!!! From Dennis: My dear friends, Well, this is a first and I am a bit embarrassed about raising an alarm now, but I did not know the following. This is the strangest things to ever happen to me with pipes. I received a box in the mail...
  17. skaukatt

    Stolen Charatan at NY Pipe Show 3/12/2016

    It only takes one bad apple... After what was easily the best show in recent memory, a sad report surfaces from good buddy, Dennis Congos from the NY Pipe Show yesterday. Please keep your eyes open, which is good advice on many levels, but particularly for this pipe in case you happen to see it...
  18. skaukatt

    RM Pipes Commission Bo's Favorite

    Completed after a two year delay, but I'm not complaining, a beautiful and faithful rendition of Bo's Favorite by the great pipe maker, Bob Davison of RM Pipes! I originally commissioned this pipe from Bob in 2013 and asked him to replicate the pipe Bo Nordh is pictured with which has a crack in...
  19. skaukatt

    Hank Saatchi Website Launch

    Just a quick plug for my good brother, Hank Saatchi who has some wonderful news! Many of you know Hank, member of the NY & Philadelphia Pipe Clubs, from the Chicago Show and others, as well as from his successful ebay pipe sales as seller named, ebuyer1932. Hank now has a website channel to...
  20. skaukatt

    NY Pipe Show 2013

    Hi Brian, Just a quick note to say I'm enjoying the show and it was great to see you in Newark on March 9th. I look forward to seeing you at the "Big Show" in May! Stay well and Happy Smokes! Lou Carbone NYPC