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  1. buckeye

    Pipes,Cuban Cigars and Guns

    My buddy and his boy came up from Louisville KY to shoot some guns and he brought some fine Cubans.Little vid he made.
  2. buckeye

    2010 New Jake Hackert For Sale

    $125.00 Had Jake make this for me.This is what i payed for it.They go much higher on ebay.
  3. buckeye

    One of our many rabbit hunts.

    Very cold hunt.Did smoke my Hackerts and northwoods.
  4. buckeye

    McClelland Bulk MC 5100 Red Cake

    If anyone is on the fence to try a Virginia tobacco this is some great baccy. I ordered some last month and been smoking it every morning on the way to work. Ordered 8 more ounces friday from pipe and cigar. This is the description on the add.And it is dead on. A sweet, exceptionally soft...
  5. buckeye

    New Mark Bolkovec pipe

    An OMS,Hackert speical
  6. buckeye

    James Upshall pipes Carrousel Tobacco Shoppe

    I made this video awhile back for a friend over seas.He was looking for a Upshall pipe. Arnold will ship pipes.if you are looking for a certain pipe just call him.He has all kinds of them.the video was private but now i just made it public.
  7. buckeye

    Finished up a new home made

    Its the home made on the left.Light rustic work on this one.
  8. buckeye

    Big hunk of briar Home Made Free hand

    Still need to buff out pipe and stem.
  9. buckeye

    Nice Ebay Pipe

    Just got done restoring this big Ben Wade.This pipe went cheap.
  10. buckeye

    Pretty cool video
  11. buckeye

    Finished up anotherr one.better pic.

    Finished the one in the back today.
  12. buckeye

    Used a new tool to rusticate

    Hows it look
  13. buckeye


    Ferndown Bark Lumberman.
  14. buckeye

    My pile of pipes

    Most of them.
  15. buckeye

    Blues Brothers

    I was watching some clips.Forgot about the bass player smoking a pipe. Edit: Moved to General Discussion, changed link to YouTube so it will be embedded. L
  16. buckeye

    Look What I Found

    some may remember i bought a large lot of estate pipes a while back.was going through them last night and seen a dot on the stem of one.well guess what it said dunhill root briar.cleaned it up a little and just smoked a bowl of miss river.glad no one bought them.the info i found on it was that...
  17. buckeye

    New Pipe

    it`s a estate James Upshall,picked it up a my new hang out.carrousel tobacco shoppe
  18. buckeye

    some old vids i made making a pipe kit and rusticating

    i will post more as i find them.