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  1. UncleRasta

    Newbie Update: For No Particular Reason

    Hi All. I'm now just shy of half a year in on this pipe smoking thing. Just like that, I now own 10 MM corn cob pipes, 3 hardwoods from the same company, and three briars. I find myself smoking the cobs most of the time. I love them. It's a tactile thing. I've tried one aromatic blend so far...
  2. UncleRasta

    Brit Seeking English

    Greetings All, In my quest to discover new blends I was lucky enough to try a bowl of Margate, which I found quite enjoyable. I quickly got the impression it is one of those blends that is rare and elusive. What I liked about it (I think), is that it was creamier and slightly less intense...
  3. UncleRasta

    Haunted Bowls, Ghosts, and Tobacco Exorcisms.

    As I try new tobacco types and different blends I am starting to think more about pipe allocation. I have primarily corn cob pipes and they are reputed to be practically haunt-proof. Is that true and to what extent? I like Burley and am assuming that my "burley pipes" can be used for more than...
  4. UncleRasta

    Is Jarring a One-Time Thing?

    I'm still coming to grips with terms and concepts related to pipes and tobacco so please help redirect me if my presumptions are erroneous. I think that both, saving an unopened tin for far future consumption, and, decanting tobacco from tin to jar for the future, are forms of cellaring. If...
  5. UncleRasta

    Your Friendly Local Tobacconist

    Greetings All, I'm interested to know how forumites(?) strike a balance between supporting local tobacconists and maximizing potential savings online. As a camera buyer I would/do find the price online from a reputable supplier, then offer the local store the opportunity to supply me for the...
  6. UncleRasta

    Introducing Uncle Rasta

    Greetings all. Living in Monterey California and learning ember management. I bought a horrible (pipe-shaped) contraption from a local headshop a little over a month ago, but my journey feels more underway now after receiving an order of corn cobs. Both excited and slightly intimidated about...