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  1. saint007

    2016 Super Bowl Predictions

    I know we have more than a few pigskin fans on this forum. I'll dig the thread back up for the next SB and we can all see whose got "NFL Chops" :-) I'm thinking Cowboys vs Colts. Cowboys win it. P S I am NOT a Cowboys fan but, if I were betting...
  2. saint007

    I've Never Had Tobacco Mildew Till Now

    I'm about halfway through a tin of one of my favorites, C & D Kajun Kake. I smoke about two bowls a week. I just open and already opened tin to load a pipe and it is covered in mildew. I can't imagine what happened. My tobacco stays in an air-conditioned house. Humidity outside has been high...
  3. saint007

    Gaw Hog's Best Brown

    If you have some and you don't like it, feel free in sending it to me! :lol: I just love this one. :puffy: I've grown to like it even better than Sam Gawith's Best Brown.
  4. saint007

    PAD, I've Had A Bad, Bad Case Of It This Week.(pic heavy)

    Pay Pal has become the devil in me. I may have to seek professional help. I started last week with this new Moretti Morta freehand. Then today with the Moretti Billiard/Cumberland stem. Last night, I had the winning bid on this unsmoked Ardor. Earlier in the day yesterday, I also won this...
  5. saint007

    Ga-Hog's Best Brown ?

    It has a slight floral hint. Would this be considered a Lakeland blend? I like it but enjoy it more mixed with Rattray's Old Growie.
  6. saint007

    My New Moretti Rhodesian

    I saw it on the Bay and had to have it. Love my Ardor Rhodesian and wanted another Italian one.
  7. saint007

    Thank You Matt (Beefeater33) !

    The new Paol Winslow pipe is a beauty and the tin of aged Squadron Leader is very generous! Sam Gawith is one of my top 3 blenders. Getting ready to fire a bowl up as I type. Franco
  8. saint007

    Taking Stock

    I've been collecting various tobaccos over the last year and it got to the point that I couldn't keep up with it unless I put it all in a document. Mostly from 4Noggins but other retailers as well. That, and I wanted to make sure that in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse that I was covered till...
  9. saint007

    Estate Nording Hunter Series 1999

    Saw it on the Bay and I had to have it. Smoking my second bowl of 965 as I type. It's the one on top. It didn't come with any of the original packaging. I'm guessing 1999 Quail Series? Bottom is from the Royal Flush collection. Happy with my Erik Nordings! :D
  10. saint007

    If You Were Going To Purchase A New Bulldog?

    Looking at my 40 something briar pipes, there isn't a Bulldog among them. I do have an Ardor Rhodesian that I really like but now thinking of adding a Bulldog. Which one under $300. would you want? I'm also considering a Meerschaum Bulldog, I just haven't looked at any yet.
  11. saint007

    Butera Pelican

    I was able to buy two tins from 4Noggins last night before they sold out today. My question is; If the labeling is correct, it is mostly Latakia, followed by Turkish, then Orientals and finally Virginias. Since Virginias benefit the most from aging/cellaring and this is the least type of tobacco...
  12. saint007

    Dueling Cellos This is cool, over 22 million views!
  13. saint007

    Apocalypse WW1

    Premiered on the American Heros Channel (formerly The Military Channel)in recognition of the 100th Anniversary to the beginning of the war to end all wars. I've never seen so much pipe smoking in a Documentary! Multiple scenes of Germans, French, Turks(didn't see any meers :wink:)Serbs, etc...
  14. saint007

    First Smoke In Over Two Weeks !

    Ribs have healed enough to allow me to attempt a smoke. I loaded some P S Luxury Navy flake into a small acorn made by Zack. Currently, I am in Nirvana :D Stuff, puff and watching the rain. Maybe a pain killer later in the evening with a bowl of Gawith Best Brown for an encore.
  15. saint007

    Smoking With Broken Ribs

    I broke two ribs on my right side at 5am Thursday morning launching my boat. I've use the same launch at least 50 times before so I will blame it on an exceptionally low tide that exposed some exceptionally slippery concert. I was just glad I had my neighbors 16 year old with me to pick me up...
  16. saint007

    4Noggins Bread Loaf

    What a nice surprise. They put a sample of Bread Loaf in my TAD that I just received today. It's a full flavored pleasant smoke. I had never seen it in their bulk selection before, must be new. It says; Oriental forward with a bit of Cigar Leaf, Virginia, and Burley. I have a question about the...
  17. saint007

    Favorite Blends with No Toppings

    Looking to build up my stash of non-aro blends with zero toppings. I am enjoying J L Pease's Union Square so much that I'd like to expand into more blends. I prefer Va/Lat's though I do enjoy Stokkebyes' Luxury Bullseye flake. Any suggestions other than the impossible to get Stonehaven?
  18. saint007

    If You Love College Baseball, You Can't Miss This Catch

    Bottom of the 9th, score tied with the bases loaded, two out. That is the most amazing catch I've ever seen college or MLB!
  19. saint007

    Notifications/Private Messaging Not Working?

    First, I apologize to all those that I did not respond to. I do check my notifications and I get the "no new messages" every time. For some reason this morning, I checked my Junk Email on my home computer and there was a slew of notifications regarding my Estate find of last week! Franco
  20. saint007

    I Fell Into An Estate Sale

    So, I get this call yesterday from a friend's wife handling a local estate sale. She tells me that I might be interested in looking at them, that they were made in Italy. As it turns out, the smoker passed over 10 years ago and his wife is selling things off as she downsizes. Anyway, I took a...