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  1. paddypiper

    Tobacco Curing Failure

    Well that didn't work. This is from my test of curing my home grown tobacco. All covered in mold, at least it was only a couple leaves.
  2. paddypiper

    Antique Store Find

    Had a little antique store find on the weekend. The pipes are in rough shape but the price was pretty low. Two had broken off tenons in them with no stem, one had a stem with missing tenon so the person jammed a piece of copper pipe in, and the Brigham looks like it might be missing a band. I'll...
  3. paddypiper

    Look What I Found

    This isn't mine. But this is one of those great eBay finds that even a seasoned pipe smoker shouldn't pass up. Just look at the beautiful grain and sleak lines. Oh and the fantastic price makes this a pipe that's hard to pass up. Ebay estate pipe
  4. paddypiper

    Growing My Own Tobacco

    Thought I would try my hand at growing my own tobacco. I started with 176 plants, which was due to an accident on my part, and lowered that to 6 plants by the time I transplanted to my garden. Just trying out Virginia for this year but also have some burley seeds I might try next year. As soon...
  5. paddypiper

    SPC Plum Pudding And Potlach

    Are these really as good as everyone makes them out to be? Everything I've read, from reviews to various forum posts, everyone seems speak very highly of these two blends which makes me want to try them. But at the price and being fairly new I don't want to be let down or find out it's too...
  6. paddypiper

    Simcoe County/ Muskoka Area Clubs?

    Is there anyone here that is part of or knows of any pipe clubs in the Simcoe County or Muskoka area in Ontario? I can't find any but that doesn't mean they don't exist.