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    Meerschaum pipes

    I am very keen to get a meerscham but am not certain to get a vaune lined or the complete meresham any thoughts on the different styles thanks david(SCOTLAND) ps my gift pack of cobs arrived from mm very happy except for the usual import tarifs i get the****with the customs charges but so...
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    Meerschaum pipes

    A few days ago on of the form mentiond a tobacconest in germany looked them up and have some very nice meerschaum pipes at a good price could someone tell me more about the meerschaum as mine are all briar thanks david
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    corn pipe

    Very pleased the postman arrived with the corn pipe as on member mentioned it is a missouri nice small size bowl for work purpose was ammusing conversation when i ordered please repeat the price i thought bob the shop owner said £69.95 reply no £6.95 cant complain at that price am stocked...
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    Visit to Doctor

    I was wandering when a person goes to see the doc the question is asked do you smoke cigarets then how manny then the 3rd degree burns come about the effects of smoking What do they say when you say i smoke a pipe do they react the same david(SCT)
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    corn pipe

    For some time now i have been wanting to buy a good american corn pipe so tomorrow i am going to get one what i would like to know is there any particular way one breaks it in or just do the same as with my other pipes tks david(SCOTLAND)
  6. F

    end of year pipe

    i started smoking pipes again after 30 odd years i have a small collection of 7 pipes now am verl lucky of the 7 there only one that i dont enjou my best must be the vauen that i got last week from the states. going to place order for my end of year pipe it is a very unique chacom pipe it is...
  7. F


    at last i got my new vauen pipe this morning after paying the tax the pipe is not exactly what i expected but still there are certain features are great the minor dislikes i regard as arranged marrage i will learn to love the pipe it has a very smooth draw like the peterson army but still i...
  8. F

    hello mr mailman

    i ordered a pipe from the states great been waiting like a kid for santa to arrive 4 weeks later a little frustrated arrive home from work and great a collection notice from the post office COLLECT ITEM customs duty $30 to be paid so look forward tomorrow to my new pipe minus$30 so be it...
  9. F


    every now and then the term ghosting comes up what does it mean tks david (scotland)
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    smoking laws

    there was mention where one of the members could not smoke a pipe out side of the hotel he was staying in are the laws so strict in the usa i think i saw something where in some states smoking is baned do you have to smoke in your own home i get the impression that you smoking laws are a...
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    Mail Man

    i recently joined pipes magazine and spend many a happy hour reading the fourms and advice .i live in the uk and strugle to find online shops that have that particular shape /style and whala i found a great site from one of the sponcers of p/m and this afternoon hit the button check out now...
  12. F

    toys for pleasure

    recently one of the members had a wish pipe i thought it looked great went onto the online shop and saw the RADICE11 which i thing is great problem it is not witin my budget plan B sell one of my r/c planes at a reduced price and chuck in a new motor as well and hopefully i will be able to...
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    Old Forum Posts

    Hi I am new to this forum and find it great for smoking tips and the general discussions. However, I don't know how to find old posts, can someone please tell me where to find them on the home page? Thanks David (Scotland) p.s. - KEVIN THIS IS A GREAT WEB PAGE THAT YOU HAVE CREATRED
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    zippo lighter

    hi does anyone notice a difference in the taste of the tobacco when use ing a zippo lighter in regards to the fuel or is it just my imagination david(scotland)
  15. F

    peterson army

    hi this is my first post.i quit smoking cigarets after 30 years after 6 mths thought what about smoking a pipe again i did back in the early 70 and had a collection of about 15 pipes anyhow stoped and after moving around i dont realy know what happened to my collection In the last 3 mths i...