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  1. UncleRasta

    Where Do I Go from Here?

    Good advice. I shall heed it myself.
  2. UncleRasta

    To Panic Buy, or Not to Panic Buy...

    And I find I always need tobacco when in a panicked state, so Option 1 lol
  3. UncleRasta

    Hello from Central London.

    Welcome from the Central Coast in sunny California. I do happen to be formerly of the Borough's of Lambeth & Southwark, to name but two.
  4. UncleRasta

    New Cob, New ‘Baccy, New Piper

    It’s been such a productive morning I decided to reward myself with a pipe back out on the balcony again. 😉 You will soon have a long list of reasons to reward yourself with a pipe. My personal fave is, "because I smoked the previous bowl."
  5. UncleRasta

    When Do You Smoke Your Pipe?

    Pretty much whenever I can.
  6. UncleRasta

    Anyone Else Enjoy Piping With Their Kids?

    I enjoyed both the sentiment and the monochrome photograph.
  7. UncleRasta

    Is It Weird?

    Yes, it is lol
  8. UncleRasta

    Which Side of The Mouth?

    The left seems to be my default, though I will switch it up whenever I remember to.
  9. UncleRasta

    How Do You Reconcile With Pipe Smoking's Health Risks?

    It's one of those things in life where I understand there is risk, take the punt, and resolve to not lament if I lose the bet.
  10. UncleRasta

    Happy New Year!!!

    Greetings All. May this be your best year yet.
  11. UncleRasta

    Newbie Update: For No Particular Reason

    Well, I am definitely smoking a pipe (or 3)
  12. UncleRasta

    Pipe Styles Paired With Different Tobaccos?

    I don't disagree though all my pleasant Virginia smokes have been in narrower and taller bowls.
  13. UncleRasta

    Newbie Update: For No Particular Reason

    Still really enjoying the English/Oriental/Balkans, in addition to my Burley's. I have recently tasted some SPC Mississippi River and Plum Pudding. Two more to add to my rotation.
  14. UncleRasta

    New Here

    A Christmas Day welcome from here.
  15. UncleRasta

    Proselytizing Pipes!

    I am profoundly concerned that this tickled my funnybone.
  16. UncleRasta

    The Best Of 2019

    jpmcwjr is a helpful and friendly guy.
  17. UncleRasta

    How Long Will You Let An Unfinished Bowl Sit?

    Under two days at worst, more usually it is just next day. I haven't noticed any detrimental effects as yet.
  18. UncleRasta

    Not New - Addressing the Sam Elliott Thing

    I always wonder who is more offended when we are mistaken for each other, me, or Danny Devito lol
  19. UncleRasta

    Newbie Update: For No Particular Reason

    I will try those at some point soon. As far as the pipes go, I've yet to notice any advantages of briar over cobs. I am not yet at the stage of getting a better experience from briars and so, given the price differential, I'm not really vulnerable to PAD. Having said that, I'm picking up cobs in...