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  1. husky

    How Do I Remove Gooey Cake?

    When a started pipe smoking I made the mistake of smoking aromatics so the first pipe I bought, which I like very much, has gooey cake. I have scraped out what I can but there are still sticky remains. Is there a way to remove this?
  2. husky

    Buying Bulk in Europe?

    I read about cellering and buying tobacco in bulk. I am not there yet but when I do decide to stock up on some blends I like, where is a good (less bad?) place for europeans to buy larger quantities of tobacco? Here in Sweden a 50g tin is around 27 USD and I can't find any larger than 100g (42...
  3. husky

    Savinelli Autograph

    What did I just buy? I really like the look of freehands with plateau but the Danish are too over done for my taste. I saw this Savinelli autograph on ebay and without much research I decided that i really liked the look and, as it probably has more attention to detail than the standard...
  4. husky

    Stumels and stems for practice

    I am getting a little bit ahead here because they are still in the mail but I went on Ebay and bought a bunch of assorted, estate stumels and an assorted bunch of premolded, vulcanite stems. My intention is to, one at a time, refurbish the stumels and shape and mount the appropriate stems. I...
  5. husky

    Mixing between blends - ghosting?

    As I am reading and learning more questions keep coming up. I have four pipes that I rotate. I have read that you don't need to dedicate pipes "except for Latakia, otherwise everything will taste Latakia". In a recent FS-add the (very nice) pipes were "smoked twice, no aromatics!" I have...
  6. husky

    Forum functions?

    Is there a "unread posts since your last visit" function or other ways to easily find what's new?
  7. husky

    New member from Sweden

    Hi, I am Mathias from Sweden! I smoked a pipe in my twenties but I was fit and active and wanted to be healthy so I quit. Now I am in my fifties. My health has gone to sh*t anyway so I thought I would take up pipe smoking again as it is one of the pleasures that I can still do. I am currently...