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  1. D

    Hello from NJ.

    I’m a member. Great group of people. 4th Tuesday of each month ~7:00 pm. Wooden match, Bethlehem. Everyone is invited.
  2. D

    What's in your big jar?

    Big jars: MM 965, Nightcap, EMP, Karamers Father Dempsey, Cary Grant, Danny Kaye.
  3. D

    Chacom and Butz Coquin

    I own 7 Chacom and I enjoy all of them.
  4. D

    Parker Bruyere vs Peterson Aran

    I love my 7 Parkers. I have enjoyed Petes for years, but I always come back to Parker.
  5. D

    Dunhill Nightcap Review

    Nightcap is one of my favorite blends. I enjoy a bowl every night. I will be very upset when it is gone.
  6. D

    Favorite Morning Wakeup Tobacco-Beverage Combo?

    EMP with black coffee.
  7. D

    Tobacco in England

    Some friends are traveling to England in the near future. They are willing to bring back any tobacco that is difficult or near impossible to get here in the states. Any suggestions?
  8. D

    What Are You Smoking British Style**

    Nightcap in a 1967 Dunhill Bruyere 252.
  9. D

    An old hero

    Thanks for the wonderful story.
  10. D

    A slightly sweeter cross blend?

    Kramers Cary Grant, Father Dempsey, and Danny Kaye may be what you're looking for.
  11. D

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2017)

    Nightcap in a rather old Parker billiard.
  12. D

    jiminks Posts Hit 20K, Must Be Forums Record

    Before I buy a new blend, I always read Jim's review. His objectivity, honesty, and knowledge have always led me to the correct blend. Congratulations Jim, please keep them coming!
  13. D

    One Word Reviews

    EMP-comfortable Dunhill Standard-everyday Magnum Opus-delightful Nightcap-Good night!
  14. D

    Orley's Wife Gets a New Pipe, and Has Something to Say! PICS

    Beautiful job. The grain is gorgeous. I hope she enjoys it for many years!
  15. D

    Just Wanted to Say Hello

    Welcome to the Forum!
  16. D

    New Tim Thorpe Poker

  17. D

    Old pipe info

    Does anyone have any information concerning a pipe marked Jansen's N.C? I know of one for sale, but I've never heard of this brand.
  18. D

    Testing out new blends

    I'll try a new blend in a cob and then a meerschaum. I think I know how my briars will react to different tobaccos. If I enjoy the,new blend, I'll go to my briars next. There are many tobaccos that don't do anything for me at the time, but become favorable much later. Jar them up and put them...