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  1. marconi

    PS Cube Cut

    I have just smoked a one ounce sample from smoking pipes of this blend.I really liked it and kept going back for more of that sweet nutty taste.Not being a Burley man I can't work out how much of the taste comes from the natural tobacco and how much is from the topping. What do people think who...
  2. marconi

    Lakeland Blends Smoking Advice

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) I have bought 10g samples of Ennerdale Flake, Broken Flake nos 7, and Grasmere Flake. I have smoked three bowls of the Nos7 in a cob with a 6ml carbon filter.On lighting I got the full lakeland essence/perfume which soon passed then for the rest...
  3. marconi

    Burley and Va Burley

    Hi Guys I would like some advice on what to buy. .A friend across the pond sent me a small sample of Pegasus which i liked.I would like to explore Burley or Va Bur some more.C&D is difficult to come by for me. Gawith and German blends are easier.Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  4. marconi

    new member

    Hi everyone Iam a new member from England.Smoked aromatics clan,Holland house for a year in my twenties,retired injured with tongue bite/burn.Never smoked anything since.Forty years later I have taken up the pipe again, three months in and really enjoying it.I have read muttonchops posts on you...