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  1. danish

    Save Boxes?

    I love boxes and cases. I didn’t keep them the first many years, when I bought a new or NOS pipe. But during the last 15 years or so, they are becoming part of my small, cherished collection. Whether new or old. Smoked or not.
  2. danish

    Am I the Only One Here with No Cell Phone?

    puffy We all have our experiences and preferences. That’s finehahau Here is another ranking: iPhone satisfaction
  3. danish

    Am I the Only One Here with No Cell Phone?

    I disagree. We use all OSes here and they are all fine but Apple’s iMac/iPad/iPhone eco system is just more polished. See here: Apple satisfaction
  4. danish

    Am I the Only One Here with No Cell Phone?

    In 1992, when I was stationed in Hong Kong, cell phones were already very popular. Although they soon also became popular among Danes (and my colleagues..), I however didn’t buy and carry a portable phone until 2010. Wanted to test the camera of a Nokia N8....We still have our landline, though...
  5. danish

    Who Makes the Real Dunhill Now?

    You are correct. I should know better than referring to a badly edited Wikipedia page and be more precise with regards to ownership of STG. Augustinus (tobaccoproducer since 1750) is the biggest shareholder and the next one is C.W.Obel A/S (from 1787). Both have made quality tobacco products in...
  6. danish

    Who Makes the Real Dunhill Now?

    Yes, but ‘STG’ started tobacco production in Denmark already in 1750, as ‘Augustinus factories’, whose present foundation still owns STG and some more.. See Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker - Wikipedia -
  7. danish

    Who In History Would You Most Like To Share A Bowl With?

    These days it would be more than fine to share a bowl and a beer with a not very famous but good old friend again😊 Like before the lockdown.
  8. danish

    Stanwell Jubilee 37 Question

    There were six ‘92 jub series pipes of which yrs is not included (see pic below) , so my guess, sofar, is yours is a ‘82, where 20 models were released. My preliminary study was just a look in my ‘82 and ‘92 Danish pipe magazines.
  9. danish

    Stanwell Jubilee 37 Question

    Jubilee years series, like eg 1942-82 and 1942-92 were often stamped on the pipes?
  10. danish

    This Is The Amazing World That Forum Member Workman Calls Home.

    Some of the people I admired most, during the many years I worked in the Danish ship, oil and airline industry, were the captains, other officers and airline managers from the Faroe Islands. I hope to some day visit and see the home of my distant country men, although we Danes may not be that...
  11. danish

    Anyone Driving Electric?

    My family has had several electric cars on monthly leases. A Nissan van, a BMW i3 and presently a Renault Zoe, which my 18 yo son now uses for daily commuting. My brother, who can afford it and needs more range, is a happy Tesla owner for 6 years. If you want to learn more about the advantages...
  12. danish


    I am a fast walker and bicyclist and would probably start coughing too much and look silly, if I smoked my pipe on my daily walks and bicycle rides, ha, hahahaupuffy
  13. danish

    Longest Break You've Taken from the Pipe

    I hope to some day be able to voluntarily let my pipes rest. Just for a day or two. Like many of you tough guys, who often inspire me It should only be a hobby, when time and place permits. My body and brain do however not like that thought. It's awful enough at work these days, when you have...
  14. danish

    Have Difficulties Finding Group 2 Sized , Straight Billiard Pipes

    This Chacom is a nice little pipe and its even got an ebonite stem puffy I bought one myself two years ago. Not a Dunhill however, as the bite is too thick (but can be modified of course) and smokes hot, if not very careful. Tastes good from first bowl and it seems well made. Danes have...
  15. danish

    Favorite MacBaren Tobaccos?

    Enjoyed the few HH series I tried. Three Nuns and Capstan are still among my favourites, also after HH/MB got the license. Have not tried their St. Bruno or Savinelli blends yet.
  16. danish

    Your Heritage, Your Pipe Smoking

    I may perhaps be described as an old snobbish anglophile bastard, when it comes to pipes and tobacco but genetically I am just an inbred Dane, smoking mostly Danish pipes and tobaccos, many of which have anglophile names though. I am not ‘celebrating’ my heritage by smoking on special days. I do...
  17. danish

    Purchase of New Dunhill (Whitespot) Concerns and Questions

    @MSO. Thanks for your historical lesson and sorry if you may now think I too often oppose you😊 But comparing todays prices for North European high quality pipes to professional cameras, as you mention, then Dunhills suddenly appear ‘affordable’ today😊 The cameras, you could compare to, are the...