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  1. hakchuma


    I'm on the last bit of Gaslight produced in 2015. I've had it in the two ounce tin for about 3 weeks. I should get one last bowl but I have about 40 more tins in the cellar. I just took my last sniff of the tin and It smells like cow, sheep and horse piss combined. And I'm going to put it in...
  2. hakchuma

    Smoke it

    I have 17 100g tins left over from 2016. Plan to smoke them over the next 17 years :)
  3. hakchuma

    Kajun Kake - plume or mold?

    I placed a tin of Kajun Lake in a mason jar 2 years and two months ago. Its been sitting far back in my cellar (closet). Lots of white stuff on all sides specially the sides at the cut. Could there be that much plume in 2 year and 2 months or is it most likely mold? I haven't opened it yet...
  4. hakchuma

    Cornell & Diehl Star of the East

    I took a chance during the Cornell & Diehl sale at P&C and purchased 5 lbs of Star of the East. Snagged a good price with the amount purchased. I was a bit worried until I received it today. I've had 3 bowls and the tobacco is fantastic. Sweet, tangy and smokey. I'm a bit surprised how dry...
  5. hakchuma

    Vincent Manil Pure Semois. An In-Depth Tobacco Review

    I like it. Alot.
  6. hakchuma

    3.5oz of tobacco for only $1,000.00 at Smoking Pipes..........

    Thought this was a bit odd.
  7. hakchuma

    New St. James Flake Box is Full of Plume

    Thought it odd but its definitely plume, not mold.
  8. hakchuma

    Shopping for Turkey

    While I was at Walmart a lady was picking through the container full of turkeys. She said she couldn't find a turkey big enough for her family and asked if these turkeys got any bigger? I replied no ma'am, these turkeys are dead.....
  9. hakchuma

    2 Ropp Cutty pipes

    I've only smoked the black stem pipe so far. The horn stem is really neat. Good smoke and like the look of them.
  10. hakchuma

    What Tobacco Blend Type For This Pipe?

    If you had to reserve a type of blend for this pipe would it be vaper, english, or aromatic? Another question, If you had to reserve it for one specific blend what would it be?
  11. hakchuma

    Dating Samuel Gawith FVF

    Received my order today. Surprised it comes in a 250g cardboard box and ziplock bag. Is there supposed to be a production stamp on it like many tins have? The only stamp on the box is: 14 244
  12. hakchuma

    Straumbach Meer

    Ive had this Straumbach about a month. Looking a bit dirty.
  13. hakchuma

    Black Frigate in 8 oz tins

    Most probably already are aware of this but smoking pipes now sells black frigate in 8oz. Tins at a reduced price. I bought 5 and left them with one in stock cause I'm nice.
  14. hakchuma

    Tobacco calypso causing online shortages

    It's been interesting to see all the items on back order at pipes and cigars. for the past week I've been keeping an eye on GL pease cans especially the 8oz cans at smoking pipes. They are hanging onto their inventory a bit longer than pipes and cigars for sure. Howeve I can now see the back...
  15. hakchuma

    Informative Meerschaum Video

    This Bremen Pipe Smoker is awesome and has a really good video discussing meerschaum. Wonder if he ever visits these forums.
  16. hakchuma

    Frog Mortan Cellar Staves make great tampers.

    Glued two together with a turquoise inlay and turned it on my lathe. Great smelling tamper. Makes me wonder if I could take several and throw them in a jar of tobacco for a few years just to see what happens.
  17. hakchuma

    Where to Purchase Quality Meerschaum Pipe

    Any place besides P&C, smokingpipes and tobacco
  18. hakchuma

    Tobacco Cessation Program and a Rant.

    To obtain a 2016 non-tobacco credit ($99/month), my employer demands that I complete the company approved, no cost tobacco cessation program. I need to call the Lung Help Line (sponsored by American Lung Association) at 1-800-586-4872 to speak with a qualified tobacco cessation specialist...
  19. hakchuma

    Native America; Choctaw & Tobacco

    Interesting article about the Choctaw people and tobacco. Choctaw & Tobacco
  20. hakchuma

    Wondering when dangers will get their shot together

    Yawning at danger Pipes. Still showing 20+ dollars.for shipping. Fucking yawn.