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  1. randelli

    I Won a Barling For Under $20 - What's Wrong With It?

    Last night I was flipping through ebay and saw this barling pipe It had 5 minutes to go, 4 bids, and was sitting at 14 and change. I see you guys posting about barling pipes so I put in a small bid - I won. So I am wondering if you can see something wrong...
  2. randelli

    Auto Insurance - to Claim or Not to Claim

    Need some advice guys... Let's say that I have been with the same auto insurance company for the last 15 or so years; and have never filed a claim. I find myself in a position where I need some fairly expensive work done but I am concerned about the repercussions of filing a claim. Here is the...
  3. randelli

    PS Luxury Navy Flake... And Oatmeal Cookies

    So there I was, sitting on the back porch, minding my own bidness. I was smoking a little LNF and thought I might be getting a bit thirsty so I go inside to get some water. On the way to the fridge I picked up one of my wife's oatmeal cookies. It may sound crazy; but that cookie made the LNF...
  4. randelli

    How to Care for This Unfinished Pipe?

    Well anyway, I can't get the photo to load! I just got a wonderful savinelli 402 from calabashed. It is a wonderful little cutty with an unfinished rustication. Is there anything I should be doing to protect the finish?
  5. randelli

    Randelli's New Pipe!

    Kinda a big deal for me. I just graduated into a new pipe above the $30 mark hahah! I saw this at The Leaf in Abiline TX and had to have it.
  6. randelli

    The Leaf - Abiline, TX

    Work takes me to Abiline TX today; and I hear that The Leaf is a must see. Anyone know of this tobacco shop? Am I in for a treat? Also, I plan on going to La Popular for lunch if there are any locals that want to meet up.
  7. randelli

    What Do You Carry Your Matches In?

    I enjoy using matches when I can - usually indoors where there is no breeze. Carrying matches needs to have better options... At our pipe club this week we all sat around with boxes of wooden matches. The only one that I could find came in a box of millions... anyway, trying to light them off of...
  8. randelli

    Randelli's Rainy Day Project

    I am on my third version - this one might do it. Easily carry 1 oz, pipe, cleaners, zippo, and tool.
  9. randelli

    Randelli's Birthyear Dunhill !

    So finally, after so much help from you all here, and a slight mix-up, I am enjoying my first Dunhill. It is a 1966 112 apple with the fishtail bit. I really like it so far and I am learning how to enjoy it better. These pictures are from when I first got it with no cleaning. I will enjoy it...
  10. randelli

    What The H E Double Hockey Sticks Did They Do To This Pipe?

    So you all know my obsession with Kaywoodie Hi-bowl pipes. Especially the H4 relief grain. Imagine how my gut felt when I saw this What happened here?
  11. randelli

    So, Hypothetically Of Course.....

    ...if one had an insurance medical, how long would it take for nicotine to clear your system? I have googled and found a few different lengths depending on blood/urine/hair, and whether they test for nicotine or a by-product, but I am looking for anecdotal first-hand experience. Also, would the...
  12. randelli

    There Always Seems To Be 487 Kaywoodies On Ebay...

    I think 20 might sell per week leaving 467 rejects in an endless cycle.
  13. randelli

    How Should I Handle An Ebay Return?

    So I sold and shipped a pipe through ebay... and the buyer is not happy and has requested a refund. I guess my lightly used is his heavily smoked. Also there is a blemish on the rim that I thought was part of the rustication- but he considers a chip. If the guy is not happy then I will of course...
  14. randelli

    Any Info On This Kaywoodie Meer? That Stem!!

    Here is an old kaywoodie meer that I have had posted on ebay for a while now. I thought I would take some better pictures to help it sell - you won't believe what happened next! Huh, what's that? Zoom to stem! Talk about a kayWOODIE! Ooh that swirl! I have not seen a stem like this before...
  15. randelli

    Churchwarden Stem For A Peterson 317??

    So I really like the small size of my 317 and I am going through the learning process on which blends it likes to smoke. I was thinking that the small bowl would make for a cool little churchwarden. Is there somewhere I can get a churchwarden stem? Or would this be a custom piece?
  16. randelli

    My New Pipe Socks!

    Literally.... :) Dollar store FTW!
  17. randelli

    GH Dark Flake :(

    We just don't get along. I fell into a perfect rhythm: 1) puff until my pyloric valve constricts to the point that I can't breathe 2) sit back with my eyes closed holding my chest until the pain stops 3) notice that the pipe has died 4) relight the pipe 5) repeat It actually tastes like a...
  18. randelli

    My New Peterson 317

    Boy is it tiny! I put a few common items in the photo to try to show the scale. I have some serious cleaning to do, especially the vulcanite stem, oh where to start... There are little symbols on the metal but I don't think it is silver. Anyway, I think I will enjoy this little pipe!
  19. randelli

    What... Is your Ebay Threshold?

    I mentioned this in another thread but I thought I would start a new thread. You have probably figured out that I am cheap when it comes to making purchases. Until now I have stuck to ebay estates, mostly Kaywoodie, and rarely dropping more than $30. I have my sights on a Pete or two and so the...
  20. randelli

    Peterson 314 or 317? Who Has Both?

    So I am looking at getting a Peterson pipe. I saw a cool one in a pipe store in Austin. The sales guy was smoking it while I was there. I didn't ask him what it was; but I remember it being a small bent apple shape. Fast forward. I saw a Peterson chart that broke their system piles into...