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    Your Latest Pipe Purchase

    Just to get the thread started I must say it has been over 3 years since my last pipe purchase. I know that's terrible but it's the truth. My latest purchase was a Savinelli Black Set 606 edition.
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    McClelland Coyote Classic.

    I myself love a heavy Latikia blend tobacco, the more the better. Could someone tell me if this blend is for me. Thanks
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    Where is Your Favorite Spot to Snow Ski

    So every year during the winter this time holds a very special place to my heart. My family and I love to snow skii. And we do so every year as much as possible. Nothing beats those hot tub hours with just my wife and I, late at night with the old pipe in hand. Usually there is so much steam...
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    Your Take on Zippo and Pipes

    Hey guys I here a lot of negative and some positive thoughts about lighting our pipes with a Zippo. What are your thoughts about this matter.
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    My blend

    This is a blend that I love to make up. This makes 6oz 3.5oz of pirate kake 1.5oz of lane 1q 1oz of erinmore This blend in my opinion is just great
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    For the Remainder of Your Life

    If you could only have 1 pipe tobacco blend for the rest of your life what would you choose, and why?
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    1950 Stanwell Colonial Pipe Nightmare

    Ok just now my wife was smoking my Stanwell pipe that my Grandfather left me. After she finished the pipe I had walked away to get something to drink, I heard a beating noise so I rushed into the room to seeing her trying to beat the stubble out. Upon me blowing up on her totally, I found a...
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    Raising Teens

    Estimated cost to raising a child to there 18 birthday, almost a quarter million dollars, I do believe they missed that mark a ton if you have girls.
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    Morning Tobacco

    I love the strongest pipe tobacco I can put my hands on in the morning. Normally it's Penzance, pirate kake, are dunhill knight cap. Does anyone have any suggestion?
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    Watching my saltwater fish.

    I love to sit back and relax with my pipe and watching my saltwater aquarium. I find this very peaceful and relaxing and quite enjoyable. I have been listening to the radio show for the first time and really enjoyed the show. Brian was talking about things pipe smokers like to collect. Well...
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    New Here to Site

    Ok guys I have posted a few post tonight and have really enjoyed it truly. It seems that there is a lot of really pleasant guys and gals on the site and look forward to talking and getting endless friend request. I want you all to have a pleasant night and will stand by for now. I hope that...