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  1. lyst36

    What Are You Smoking? March 2012 Pt.2

    Mellow Moonshine in my UA poker.
  2. lyst36

    John Middletons Apple

    Brebbia Calvados is a pretty solid virginia based tobacco with an apple flavor.
  3. lyst36

    Breakfast Pipe- Finding that first smoke of the day

    1Q would be a good go to. I've always liked burley blends so I either go with Carter Hall or Butternut Burley.
  4. lyst36

    Heavy Metal(the music genre)

    Props to monstermash for the Protest the Hero video. I've been a fan of theirs for years and met them once a while back and they were quite nice. I have the opportunity to see a lot of smaller metal bands because of where I live (East Atlanta) and enjoy it greatly. Got to see a band called...
  5. lyst36

    What is your current "go to" or "everyday" smoke?

    Carter Hall or Butternut Burley, for the most part. I do enjoy the 1-Q when I have some around.
  6. lyst36

    Favorite pipe shape ?

    I'm a huge fan of pokers. They are the first kind I look for when buying pipes. I'd love a big barrel one. My favorite pipe to smoke right now is a poker that Uncle Arthur made for me about a year ago.
  7. lyst36

    Another (Block with a Flaw)

    I think it looks fine! I would be happy to have it.
  8. lyst36

    purchasing tobacco online

    I've never had a single problem with buying online. I think you would have to be moving a lot of product for it to be that big of a deal.
  9. lyst36

    Labeling the Mason Jars

    Tape and a Sharpie. That simple in my world.
  10. lyst36

    Sharing another pipe I made

    I like it! The pipe makers on here are making it so I would rather buy from them than a larger company! :worship:
  11. lyst36

    OMG this guy has issues

    Eh, doesn't seem like such a big deal. A real review would have helped. Throwing it in at the end would have been funny, at least to me. I don't see what the big deal with it is, otherwise. 8)
  12. lyst36

    December 2011 - What Are You Smoking? II

    SV Vanilla in a Grabow Big Pipe
  13. lyst36

    Santa Claus: Gift Giver, Sleigh Rider, North Pole Dweller - Pipe Smoker

    I enjoyed it! I was wondering some of the things he brought up.
  14. lyst36

    No White Christmas

    Doesn't Alaska always have snow?
  15. lyst36

    Weird Experiences Buying OTC Blends

    I'm happy I don't. Most drug stores carry any OTC I'd be looking for and even my local B&M has a fair amount.
  16. lyst36

    If You Could Only Smoke One Brand . . .

    Cornell and Diehl is really good but I'd probably go with MacBaren. Is the stuff that Scotty makes at pipes and cigars considered a brand?
  17. lyst36

    Room Note Compliments

    BCS, 1-Q, and Butternut Burley here. Blue Note was a good one back when I smoked it.
  18. lyst36

    Super Value Pipe Tobacco

    I've tried the Super Value Chocolate. The taste isn't bad but it kills my tongue. I don't know why but it does. Autumn Evening does, too, and it makes me sad. I'd recommend a Captain Black in bulk or any of the earlier mentioned ones. I've also tried Admiral's Choice Vanilla. It isn't bad...
  19. lyst36

    Aromatic Hankerin

    PS Nougat is pretty good and 1-Q is great! I also like BCA a good bit. I don't know if you would consider something like Butternut Burley an aro but it smells good and tastes great to me! 8)
  20. lyst36

    Straight Volcano I Carved

    Your talent is awesome!