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    How to PM

    Hey I know this may seem a silly question but what is it to PM someone and how do you do it , please help , thankyou
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    Peterson Stems

    Hey and g'day from Australia , have been trying to buy a couple of peterson replacement stems for my tankard , a churchwarden and a normal fishtale , tried Peterson's themselves and received a quick response but not one I had hoped for , was told in no uncertain terms that peterson stems were...
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    A New Pipe for Christmas , Maybe.

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob Hey , merry Christmas to all from the great south land , is Christmas eve here now and am a little excited he he . I know that along with my 2 girls ( 5 and 7 ) beautiful smiles i will be getting 2 new pipes from them and cant wait , only...
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    A Merry Christmas

    Wishing one and all , to you and yours , a very Merry Chrismas and all the best for the year ahead .
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    Steam Trains

    Hey , fist time posting a thread but had a fun question to get you thinking if interested . Just finished watching some youtube clips on a steamtrain called the 4014 big boy , huge train of immence power and presance , had me smileing from ear to ear as i watched this beast come to life and to...
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    Need Advice on Dating a Butz Choquin a Metz Origine France 1

    Recently purchased a butz choquin a metz origine france 1 and cant find any information about plenty about st claude number 2 but nuthing befor any help appreciated EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title
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    Butz Choquin Origine

    Hey i recently bought my first butz choquin pipe and old bowl with a home made stem not original as had liked the shape and history for a while but not had the opportunity to get one now i hav smokes great but was trying to look up but no onfo available hav found plenty of stuff on origine...
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    Gday from Australia

    Gday from Australia my names Lyle from the northern rivers of nsw hav skips thru here befor lookin fo answers to different questions from time to time and thort was time to join so as to hav a chat with some fellow pipe smokers not many of us round here took up pipes bout 15 yrs ago as...