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  1. carver

    Help Identifying This Pipe

    Can you help me put a name on this pipe ? Thanks a lot.
  2. carver

    Air Tight Smoking Room

    Hey guys, for those who have a smoking room that isn't the shed at the other end of the lawn, have you "smoke-proofed" it in some fashion ? We have recently moved into a new house and yay, I have an office ... (shared kinda) but still, mostly my room (she lets me believe it) ... I am thinking...
  3. carver

    How Do You Deal With Heat Waves?

    I am asking because I have really zero answer to this. It's gone so high that I have smoked more cigarettes in the last month than pipes since the beginning of the year. We've had a month around 40C, staying outside is awful, smoking outside is a nightmare, it doesn't taste nice, the pipe...
  4. carver

    No Other Way To Put It

    I screwed up. What I did with the website was wrong. Using tobaccoreviews data was wrong, helping myself with bits of design from other websites was wrong. And also highly stupid since I could have done it myself. I was just lazy. I did try to justify it and made excuses for...
  5. carver

    Age of Tobacco When Smoked

    HI all, What's your take on aged tobacco ? Because at the end of the day, a 3 years old tin of any given blend, isn't the same as a 3 years old tin of that blend 3 years before. It's like wine, it ages well, but is it at such a point the same that a blend form a certain year isn't the same as...
  6. carver

    Just For Him

    Just a word about one another pipe tobacco related shop, Just For Him. They're quite famous for Middle Earth related blends. But actually they have a lot of other things in store. They have lots of very nice gifts and products for men, shaving creams, beard oils, ... Their customer service is...
  7. carver

    Comparing Blends - Describe Similarities

    Hey guys, I am trying to figure out a way to provide blends suggestions based on likes and dislikes. In your opinion, how would you characterize 2 similar blends? In your opinion, why are 2 blends similar? What makes them similar? When you suggest a blend to a friend according to what he...
  8. carver

    Help Identifying Pipes

    Hey guys, I'd like your help identifying pipes that I don't know much about. About the Royal Demuth, any idea of the name of the model ? Thanks for your help. Thanks guys, appreciate all the help I can get. Cheers.
  9. carver

    The Mid-Bowl Adventure

    I know that some blends stop being nice after half the bowl... HOWEVER... It does seem that it's maybe mostly my fault. I've been learning to enjoy lots of new blends recently, but somehow, regardless of the great flavours I get in the beginning and how awesome the blend is in the beginning of...
  10. carver

    First Time FVF.

    I have had a tin of FVF for about 7-8 month there sitting on the shelf. Not a tin actually, I had already transferred the content in a airtight container. It was just there, miserable. Why? Probably because of the smell. I gotta say, I don't find the tin smell to be much of anything. To be it...
  11. carver

    How-To : Quote

    Hi, I just wanted to clarify and help people about the quoting feature. Our only communication way is written, we might as well do it right to avoid confusions. Quoting people is great. It helps clarify one's meaning instead of rewriting it or re-explaining it. So let's get down to business...
  12. carver

    Where Is Pike's Place?

    Does anyone know what happened to that SPC blend? It disappeared.
  13. carver

    You Have It All Wrong, My Friend

    ----------------- To the author of this message: I am not too happy to receive this kind of garbage. This is a forum where adults share respectful and "usually" mature opinions. If one had got something to say, there are always nice and respectful ways to express oneself. This is not a...
  14. carver

    Where Are The Mods?

    All went to hell. Where are the mods ? Look at those topics' titles... Only one capital letter at the beginning, OMG, what is happening? Even worse: no capital letter at all... Are the mods kaput ? :nana:
  15. carver

    499 ... And 500.

    But seriously. I want to say that this forum is great, the people on it are, besides you, really really nice and generous. I've learn so much here. Such a nice place to chat and talk about all our pipes and tobaccos. I wish I had a physical "pipe club" to go to, but I don't so this is the...
  16. carver

    Generosity At Work Once More

    I just received a little package from Kiel. Fellow piper, on this forum, from American but lives in China too. I've been wanting to dabble with Virginias a little more and he very nicely offered to share some of his. It comes right on time. It's top notch, and very generous in quantities. (I...
  17. carver

    Speech Is Silver But Silence Is Golden

    I wanted to bounce off a post on the "What are you listening ?" thread but I assumed that it wasn't the place there. I've been living in China here for 5 years and it has struck like never before. Most of us can't face silence. Silence means having to face oneself. Silence means having thoughts...
  18. carver

    Plowing Wet Areas

    Now that I have your full attention. Do you carry pipe cleaners with you to clean your pipes immediately after smoking? Simple question but that has made me wonder. Since we don't usually remove the mouth piece from the stem while the pipe is still hot, and since I imagine immediate cleaning...
  19. carver

    Mixture 79 Ghost

    I have the fabulous idea of trying Sutliff's Mixture 79 in one my regular pipes instead of using a disposable cob. The pipe is now, so far, done for. Everything I smoke in it makes me want to vomit. Any idea on how to get rid of it?
  20. carver

    Jim's Va/Bur

    Jim's Va/Bur in a 2015 Basil Meadows Bing Crosby Merchant Service replica with a smooth straight thin shank, aluminum band and black ebonite stem.