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  1. JR1296

    Bad First Experience

    I wanted to try a cigar for the first time today and it didn't go very well. Yesterday I bought a Gurkha Havana Legend. Today I decided to light it up. I got it to burn good but I couldn't get any smoke from it. The draw was to tight. I got the guy in the shop to cut it for me so I don't think...
  2. JR1296

    Trucker Friendly B&M

    Being a truck driver I'm always looking for a B&M when I have time to spare. Usually when I'm in a big city I will Google pipe and cigar shops near by. Then I'll pull the address up on Google Earth to see if I can get a 18-wheeler in the parking lot or somewhere close enough to walk. If your...
  3. JR1296

    Father the Flame Mini Episodes

    Father the Flame has their first mini episode on YouTube. I think it suppose to be all the extra scenes they had to cut out of the original documentary.
  4. JR1296

    I Placed an Order at The Country Squire

    I usually smoke english blends but I'm wanting a good aromatic I can smoke in the house on the rainy days that's pleasing to others. I wanted to support The Country Squire since they are in my home state. So I placed a small order to test the waters. I ordered Blue Ribbon, Seersucker, Hunting...
  5. JR1296

    New Here

    Hello from north Mississippi. I'm a newbie. I don't know anyone else that smokes a pipe so im hoping to learn all I can on here.