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  1. Epip Oc'Cabot

    Manual Transmissions

    Since we had the Pick-Up thread and the pet peeve thread..... I thought I would combine the two in what may hopefully be an interesting discussion: I am very disappointed at the veritable lack of manual transmissions available on vehicles in the U.S. anymore. For me, I find a manual...
  2. Epip Oc'Cabot


    I have moseyed around on the Internet today, but have had little (no) luck. I was wondering if anyone can post or knows of nice photographs of some older BRIAR pipes from the late 1800s? I guess in a broader context, it would be interesting to see ANY photographs of briar pipes from the late...
  3. Epip Oc'Cabot

    New & Old.... Midwest

    Hello Everyone: I am a new addition to the group here even though I have been reading for a long time. I have been a pipe smoker for 40+ years and hail from the Midwest. I am just trying to get my first post in tonight, but will plan on more details about myself in my next post. I am happy to...